October Non-Apparel


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Quality Update

Below are some of the worst quality issues seen this month. As always, we saw both low and price point products with high defect rates. We saw two more mold and odor issues (style Bobby-4) this month! Aside from that, the issues present are mostly issues with poor construction - whether sloppy paint, print imperfections, or insufficient adhesive.

Customer Feedback!

We have been receiving a ton of awesome feedback with all of the fall items that have slowly been flooding out site this season! Customers have been loving the boot collection more than usual.

Some Customer Requests:
  • One request that was brought to my attention was revolving around bra sizes we carry on the site. A ton of customers are looking more bras to be offered in a/b cups.
  • We have also had a few customers contact us about receiving shoes that look to be already worn and repackaged. Not sure if customers are not understanding the idea of the "distressed" look or if we are just sending out worn shoes. (this may have nothing to do with you but just thought I would throw it out there)
  • As for the bedding that was talked about last month, I have had a few customers interested in wanting to two pillow shams with the twin sets since now only one is provided. Not sure if extra shams could be sold separately if customers want to purchase multiple shams in addition.


We have also had some mixed reviews about jewelry recently:

One instance of this faulty jewelry was seen in ticket 632145 from our queue -

Kasey wrote:

I was very happy with all of the stuff I ordered especially since I was a bit iffy because this was my first time ordering from modcloth ... only thing that I didn't like was one of the necklaces ... the one with the box links, I didn't even get to wear it yet and the clasp had broke when I opened it.

Though the Mata Traders jewelry has been getting awesome reviews as the pieces are super unique and have a higher quality look to them.

Disc-y Business Necklace:

Margaret- Really beautiful necklace, I can see this becoming a wardrobe favorite.

Swinging By Necklace:

Rachel- So pretty! It's hard to go wrong with a necklace, but this one does everything right. I like the way it sits just below the collarbone. I find that to be the perfect length for a necklace like this because I can wear it with a printed tee without it obscuring the print, or I can wear it with a v-neck dress and it'll draw the eye up to my face. I'm going to have to buy everything Mata Traders makes!

I haven't received much feedback this month regarding apartment items so I will be sure to keep a closer eye on those items next month and let you know how our customers are feeling about those!

Vendor Problems


As you all know, non apparel has been setting some all time highs for number of vendor problems lately. Since September 3rd, we have gotten a grand total of 445 vendor problems. That's more than Dresses, TBO, and Private Label combined and we haven't even hit our peak week in Intake yet.

I am therefore very happy and relieved to announce that we have decided to split the category between 2 vendor relations representatives. I will be responsible for shoes, intimates, and swim. I will still be completing all of the VP's I've taken on since Oracle as well.

Our newest member, Eric, will be taking on decor, books, and accessories. You should be seeing emails from him in the next few days, if you have not already. We're hoping to have him fully trained within the next couple of weeks. And on that note...

Meet Eric!

Happy Halloween!

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