Happenings Worth Hollering About

February 26, 2013


Hello Parents!

I want to start this newsletter giving praise to all of my students. From the reports that were left from Ms. McPherson, they were all very well behaved last week during my leadership trip in Phoenix. My room was spotless and no behavior reports were left. Kudos!

I heard that the field trip to Charlotte's Web was incredible. Please be sure to ask your child about their trip. I've already heard fantastic details about seeing the performance.

Sunday was Nerfy's birthday, so we will be doing his birthday celebration with cupcakes and juice on Wednesday. Hopefully, the weather will become a little more stable so Nerfy and Harry can return to school for the rest of the year. :)

Now to the really important stuff...

-CRCT Countdown has begun. We will be doing intense review of the concepts previously learned in math, science, and language arts. We will be shifting our focus from the craft of writing to the mechanics of writing to prepare for the language arts CRCT. I will NOT be sending home a CRCT practice packet; however, I will post CRCT practice test sites on my wiki and blog.

-New Homework Policy! I know that the majority of the year has passed, but what I have realized is that waiting until Friday to collect homework is too late to give immediate feedback on a specific skill. I am changing my policy to where all homework is due the next day unless I receive a note from the parent explaining that the homework wasn't completed due to personal reasons. If that is the case, then homework will still be expected on Friday. I have not had many issues with homework being turned in; I just realized that it is a valuable way for me to assess if students understand a concept, and I can give immediate intervention or support to help master a skill.

-We're still blogging! Please make sure you are encouraging your child to log on and blog. I am posting on per week. I am going to being sharing one blog a week from the students, so they can see that their ideas are important and worth being shared. I've already seen incredible growth within such a short time.

-I will be posting the new math unit by the end of the week. We have moved on from fractions to measurement. The test is projected for March 14th, but please know that the date is tentative.

I believe that sums everything up for now. Thank you everyone for being so involved in your child's education.

Best Regards -

Ms. Garris, Nerfy, and Harry