Should cigarettes be banned

Purpose for banning cigarettes

there are all kinds of people today that smoke and a lot of those people are getting cancer and other types of serious diseases. So to prevent this from happening we should ban cigarettes for good. Say your a smoker and you know all the bad things smoking does to your body but you don't care, well if you just were smoking by someone they could be secondhand smoking effecting them and making them sick I some way.

People that want to stop smoking

for us to ban cigarettes and end smoking we need some one like the senate to help us ban them. The senate can stop the selling of cigarettes of any kind and helping people to stop. People today in America are trying to stop, so some stores and gas stations have stop selling them helping more people to stop buying and eventually stop altogether. Death and product defect are two reasons to abolish the sale of cigarettes, but there are others. A third is the financial burden on public and private treasuries, principally from the costs of treating illnesses due to smoking. Cigarette use also results in financial losses from diminished labor productivity, and in many parts of the world makes the poor even poorer.

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Why would you want to ban cigarettes

if you want to stop or know someone that's trying to stop smoking but can not we should all try to ban cigarettes from are Local stores or anywhere else you could buy cigarettes from. Remember when your smoking in your home with other people in it, your not just hurting your self your hurting the people around you. People die from secondhand smoking more than they should and we need to all get cigarettes banned for good and make your state a nonsmoking one.