Greece Culture

By:Liam C,Griffin R,Ellie D,and Isabella B


Greece is 100% the best civilization in the whole entire world. Each and every city-state is wonderful, Athens, Sparta, Marathon, and so many more. Greece had and has so many powerful leaders, leaders that will guide the Greeks in the right way. Greece has amazing thinkers, philosophers, and the kind of people that are willing to do anything for their civilization. Those thinkers come up with amazing ideas to protect everyone and everything in Greece. Although we have been through many wars, Greece includes amazing armies and navies that will protect Greece and protect you. If joining the Greek life, you must follow and believe in the gods and goddesses, if you do so they will protect you and make sure good things happen to you. The architecture in this civilization is amazing and absolutely beautiful. Join the right place, make the right choice, come to Greece.

Big Idea Questions

How does our modern world reflect the innovations of classical civilizations?

Our modern world reflects the innovations of classical civilization when we run a marathon. A Marathon is a 26 mile run. It originated in Greece when a man from Marathon ran 26 miles to Athens to warn them that the Persians were invading. Another innovation that we use are ports and fishing. The Greeks couldn’t farm because the land was too mountainous so the land wasn’t arable enough for plant life. We fish today and use ports to trade like the Greeks did. These are two innovations that influenced

How did religion control or influence their lives?

Religion controlled and influenced their lives because they had many gods and goddesses, who controlled everything on earth and how they lived. They built grand temples for their gods and goddesses, believing that they would see them or live in them. Religion was very important to them, it took part of most of their life. The Greeks always had a separate house for prayers, gifts, and things to give to the gods. They also held sacrifices outside of the temples daily for the gods because they believed that if they didn't do the right thing the gods would come down and punish them. They also wanted the gods to be happy with them and the way that they lived so that when they died the Greeks would get to come and live with the gods. The Greeks wanted the gods to accept them and like they way they lived and they worshiped them. They thought that this would protect them and let them live a healthy life. This is why religion was a very important part of the Greeks daily life.

Architecture-Isabella Benedict

In Greece they were famous for their Architecture. Their earliest buildings were made with wood or clay. But, the Greeks were expert builders so by 600 B.C. they knew how to replace a piece of a wooden building with stone without damaging the building. They also used a large amount of tools made of iron, bronze, and wood to make building’s.The Greeks also built a lot of public buildings such as shops, agoras, fountain house to get water from, government buildings, and theatres which were a big part of Greek Culture.They also built houses to live in,temple ,gymnasiums ,opened aired theatres,and tombs.They were more famous for their temples,they were beautiful buildings made of limestone and decorative columns, they also coated the stone with stucco a kind of plaster to make the building look better from the inside and the outside. They often went to their temples to worship their gods and goddess like the Zeus and Aphrodite. Some other temples that they made were the temple of Apollo,temple of Hera, and the temple of Concord.Some of their best buildings were built in 550 BC and 400 BC. Some of their buildings are still standing today but not all of them are

Gods,Godesses,and Myths-BY Ellie DePhillips

Greek Thinkers-By Liam Chen.

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Wars-By Luke Giammanco

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In conclusion, Greece has the best culture. They had lot of great science, art, architecture, politics, and philosophy, all of which were innovative enough to make their way to different parts of the world and influence many people. They also had many beliefs in Greek gods and goddess like Zeus or Aphrodite. The Greeks even had stories that people still tell today like the story of Trojan Horse and many more. In addition, the Greeks were excellent architects. They created buildings that are famous still to this day. The Parthenon is only one of many famous Greek buildings. The Greeks had some of the most accomplished leaders in history. Two well known Greek leaders were Pericles and Alexander The Great. So with all this said, the Greek’s culture is clearly the best of all the ancient civilization.