Dominican Republic

By: Riley Preuss

All about the State

This country was located by Christopher Columbus. The capital is Santo Domingo de Guzman. The population as of July 2006 is approximately 9,183,984. They got their independence on February 27, 1884. The official language is spanish. There religion is Roman Catholic. The bird of the country is Cigua Palmera.

The People

The people are kind of like us. They play most of the same instruments and they have some of the hobbies we have. The country's sport is baseball. The life expectancy for a male is approximately 67. The life expectancy for female is approximately 70. There are three different level's of education: Primary, Secondary, and Further. Primary is the highest and Further is the more poor family's. The language is spanish. 95% of the religion is Roman Catholic. Some go to private schools and you are there for approximately 9 years. Every year they get new textbooks. The population in 2006 was 8,660,000. 64% lives in the Urban Areas and 36% is Rural.


If the country Dominican Republic they eat rice with every meal. If they don't eat rice with every meal then they do not feel like they have eating enough. Also with every meal they usually eat a meat, beans and rice. It is usually not spicy. They don't like spicy at all. They also eat a lot of fruit. They eat the same fruit as the U.S. They drink the same alcohol drinks as we de. They only eat fish along the coast. They also usually drink coffee with most of their meals. They like it strong and really sweet. Sometimes in Dominican Republic they don't eat fish because they don't think that it is very proper and nice.

Dating, Marriage, and Courting

In the Dominican Republic they court before they get to get married. They also have to ask the dad if they can take his daughters hand in marriage. If he says no then they cannot marry but they can decide to stay together and marry later or they can decide to just stop if they don't like each other. Rural and urban areas it is different, in rural the guy has to ask the dad and if he says yes then he can propose. In Urban areas they propose then ask the dad if they can marry his daughter. Also while they are courting they have to have chaperones to go with them because they are not officially together until they are engaged. The brides family usually pays for the wedding but if she can't then they have to pay for it as they live together as a family. The father walks the bride down the aisle just like we do in America. They are pretty much just like our wedding but they sometimes have it on the beach. There wedding are decorated nicely and they are also organized and always with their family.

Land and Climate

The temperature in the Dominican Republic is usually hot and 90Degrees F. In august it is the hottest of the year. When it is rainy it is usually 70's and that is December to March. On most of the beach's they have warm water.

Absolute Location of Dominican Republic

19.0000° N, 70.6667° W
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Most people either live in the rural or urban areas. Most home's have security guards. Some homes have not enough energy to even power 2 or more fans and maybe enough to power some rooms but not all the time.
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National Anthem of the Dominican Republic - "Himno Nacional Dominicano"


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