Another Remarkable Year

Make it your most remarkable year yet.

The Importance of Being Remarkable

'Your expectations for yourself-and your life- become self fulfilling prophecies. What you intend shapes what you become. So make a commitment, today, to be remarkable....Vow to be brilliant at your work. Devote to getting into world-class health. Take positive risks to grow into your greatness. Love like there is no tomorrow. And enjoy every moment.' Robin Sharma

Welcome Back to all our dedicated staff at St John's Lutheran School Geelong

I look forward to seeing you all again, refreshed and ready to go. We welcome Laura Chadwick (Yr 5), Hannah Huf (Yr 3/4) and Robyn Kerdel (Specialist - Art). We are all very excited to have you on our team and to be part of our most remarkable year yet!