HBP & MEC Welcome Back Newsletter

September 11 2020

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"We learn best when the work has meaning to us, when it matters. We learn best when we are using our hands and our minds.We learn best when the work we are doing is real and relevant.” ― Dennis Littky, The Big Picture: Education Is Everyone's Business

Dear HBP & MEC Community,

We are so excited to be back with students next week! School starts for all HSD students on Monday, Sept 14th. Students start their first period at 9:55. They should log into their google drive and go to google classroom and head to their first period class.

StudentVue and ParentVue should show a students schedule by Monday morning, however there have been some technical difficulties, so it might not be up and running at full speed by Monday.

Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) this year will look different than it did last spring. Students will be enrolled in 4 classes for quarter 1 (for HBP students) and MEC students will be in varying amounts of classes, which depends on the program they are in. Every student will be assigned an advisory teacher and advisory class in all of our programs. Those will take place on M,T,TH,F. We absolutely appreciate all of the hard work that students and families will be putting in during CDL this fall in these unprecedented times. Please reach out if you need anything! The first point of contact will be your students advisory teacher.(See who they are below)

Community is a large part of all of our alternative programs in the Hillsboro School District. We value partnerships with our families and encourage involvement. We will be continuing the Parent Advisory Committee, with more details to come in late September. We are here to support your student and if you have any questions at any time, please just give us a call. Our school website is also a great resource for information, the website address is https://www.hsd.k12.or.us/miller

It is vital for us to have accurate contact information so we can ensure you are getting emails, phone calls and mailers. You can update this through ParentVue or you can connect with our Office Staff at 503-844-1680 ext.6560.

Tiffany Mosqueda

Alternative Programs Principal


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Class Schedule

Hillsboro Big Picture (HBP) is driven by students interest and Learning Plans while incorporating supporting students academic requirements to graduate. We have heard from parents and students about the need for consistency and we will be following the same schedule as the four comprehensive schools. Students will still have an advisor they are working with.

Miller Education Center (MEC) students you are working a in a program that is specific to you, please work with your advisor/program teacher about your expected schedule and periods of attendance. ***See your teachers below***

Whats new about the HBP Schedule?

  • Students will be taking 4 classes at a time
  • The same 4 classes every day
  • Those 4 classes will go for 1 quarter and the students will earn 0.5 credits per class

***MEC Students - you will attend classes based on your needs - work with your teacher

Why is my HBP student NOT in an internship?

At this time we are working with our partners to see what options are available and feasible in CDL so our students can still participate in a virtual internship. We will be having students take a New World of Work course to prepare them for future internships. We are very excited to have Sara Franklin teaching this course!

What times does my student start school every day?

M-F 9:55 with synchronous learning every period

***Wednesday asynchronous learning all day

What time does my student end class?

M,T,TH,F - 3:20 (Advisory Every Day)

Wednesday- 2:50 and NO ADVISORY CLASS

How long are the class periods?

60 mins

Period 1 9:55-10:55

Period 2 11:00-12:00

Lunch 12:05-12:40

Period 3 12:45-1:45

Period 4 1:50-2:50

Advisory 2:55-3:20

Who is my HBP Adviser?

10 (9th)-Kate

201(10th)- Connie

201(10th)- Therese


401(12th)- Sarah C

Who is my MEC Teacher/Adviser?

GED - Freddy, Dave or Brandon

TOPS - Dave

Pearl - Dave

Diploma - Dave

Who is my Case Manager? (if you have one)

Penelope Wynns

Who is my Counselor?

Annie Wynne

****If you are in GED/TOPS/PEARL/DIPLOMA programs Dave, Brandon & Freddy will go over courses with you as it varies from HBP program.

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What does Lunch or Meals Look like this Fall?

***Monday 9/14 Meal Distribution at our 6 school sites 11:45 am-12:45 pm***


  • During Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL), all meals will be delivered via bus routes. Deliveries will take place Monday through Friday on school days and will include both breakfast and lunch.

    Students will receive their meals free of charge.

    To find out the location and time of the meal delivery for your student, visit the MyBus Student Route Look-up tool on our website.

    In addition to bus routes, there will be 6 locations where students can pick up their meals from 11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.: RA Brown, Century, Lincoln Street, Poynter, South Meadows, and Evergreen.

    La entrega de alimentos en autobuses comienza el 8 de septiembre

    Durante el aprendizaje integral a distancia (CDL, por sus siglas en inglés), todos los alimentos se entregarán a través de autobuses. Las entregas se llevarán a cabo de lunes a viernes durante los días escolares, a partir del martes, 8 de septiembre e incluirán desayuno y almuerzo.

    Los estudiantes recibirán sus alimentos sin cargo alguno.

    Para averiguar el lugar y la hora de la entrega de alimento para su estudiante, por favor, visite la herramienta de búsqueda de ruta de estudiante de MyBus en nuestro sitio web.

    Támbien habrá 6 lugares para recoger las comidas desde 11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.: RA Brown, Century, Lincoln Street, Poynter, South Meadows, and Evergreen.

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Technology and Supplies & GOODIE BAG PICK UP

What do I do if I need a chromebook?

You can drive up to the school to pick up tech and care packages

Sept. 14th from 8:00-9:30 am

Sept. 16th from 2:00-6:00 pm

What do I do if my chromebook broke over the summer?

You will return it at one of the times listed above and we will get you a new one

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Back to School Night (Virtual)

Tuesday, Sep. 22nd, 6-8pm

Google Meets

Link to be added soon!

School Calendar 2020-21 School Year

Here is the LINK to the 2020-21 School calendar (revised 4/28/2020)
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Safety Updates

School grounds are still closed including playgrounds.Washington county has not reached phase II, yet! Notification will come once they are open to the public.


ACT/SAT testing in Oregon is on pause until December.

GED Testing - they have started to Pilot Online Secure Testing - More to Come!

STATE TESTING - That is in the Spring Time

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September 7, 2020 - Families qualifying for free or reduced lunch are eligible to receive a code good for six months of internet access through Comcast Internet Essentials. This is the fastest and most stable way to connect. Hotspots are also available to any family that needs an internet connection. Please inform your teacher during Welcome Back conferences or complete the Request for Resources form to indicate your interest.

Servicio de Internet Essentials
Las familias que son elegibles para alimentos gratis o a precio reducido pueden recibir un código de acceso a internet que será válido por seis meses a través de Comcast Internet Essentials. Esta es la manera más rápida y estable de conexión. También contamos con puntos de acceso inalámbricos (Hotspots) para las familias que necesiten conectarse a internet. Por favor, hágale saber a los maestros durante las conferencias de bienvenida o complete el Formulario para solicitar recursos para indicar su interés.

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Hillsboro School District: Form to Request Resources / Distrito Escolar de Hillsboro: Formulario para solicitar recursos

During Comprehensive Distance Learning, please use this form if you would like to access resources from the closest HSD hub site near you. We will do our best to support families during this time, but we cannot guarantee a response to all requests.Use this link Request Family Resources

You will be contacted once your resources are located and ready for pick-up.

If you need assistance filling this survey out please contact:

Family and Community Engagement Office
503-844-1475 (Spanish/English Speaking Assistance)

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