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MSD of Wayne Township Office of Special Services

Week of March 14, 2016

Have A Great Spring Break - you all deserve a rest!!

Greatness is not born from one success. Greatness is born from persevering through the countless failed attempts that preceded. ~Simon Sinek

Wayne Disability Alliance - Great Speaker - please invite your families - April 4, 2016

“Planning For Your Dependent with Special Needs”

ABLE Act, Waiver Update, Special Needs Trusts and Guardianship Speaker: Gordon Homes - CFP®

Gordon focuses on Financial and Estate Planning for families who have children or dependents with Special Needs. He brings a unique perspective through his experience both as an advisor and parent. He assists families with a myriad of issues including understanding and accessing public benefits, preserving benefit eligibility through Special Needs Trusts, and Guardianship concerns.

IIEP Updates

Here are updates occurring March 18th. You might want to read through to determine what you want to include in the newsletter since they do not all apply to everyone. I have included all of them in the link on the OSS Dashboard. Check out the message screen on IIEP. We can customize our message for Wayne. I am still figuring out the coding for the font size and color.

March 18

  • IEP Process: Parent Response

Add a parent response option for a Rejected Initial Proposed IEP

Prior to this update, the parent response options did not include a selection which would project the clear check mark indicating the student is in general education.

A thorough guidance sheet titled “IIEP Rejected Initial Proposed IEP” has been prepared and is available on the IIEP Main Page in the Document section under the Guidance tab.

See the guidance sheet for more information on the required process for a Rejected Initial Proposed IEP.

  • Evaluation Process: Assessment Data Page

Add user types with permission to delete

Recent updates were made to the Assessment Data page to grant certain user types permission to delete entries entered by others. This update adds this permission for the Coop TOR user type.

Those assigned the Coop TOR user type may now delete assessment data entered by other team members.

  • Eligibility tab: Compliance

First Steps transition to IEP compliance symbol

Changes have been made to IIEP to display a correct compliance symbol for students transitioning from First Steps to IIEP.

Non-editable date fields have been added to the Eligibility Tab. These fields appear only if the student is less than 3 years old; Initial Evaluation (First Steps) is selected on the Pre-conference Planning > Type of Evaluation page; and a Referral date has been entered on the Pre-conference Planning >Referral Decision page.

No changes to user actions.

Final NCI Training for the School Year!!!

Sign up for the Final NCI Training for this school year.

It is the first Thursday that we return from Spring Break.