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This newsletter is for you!

As I attend my Instructional Coach meetings and Elementary Curriculum Team meetings I will bring back my learning to you in the form of this newsletter, PLCs, and just in time trainings as needed. I would love your feedback! Please let me know what you want more of or what additional features you would like this newsletter to have. It's all about getting the information to you so you can implement new teaching strategies or use curriculum resources.
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New Intervention Resource in Bridges Mathematics

Math Learning Center (MLC) has completed and posted Nine Volumes of intervention resources on the Bridges Educator Site. MLC will not post any lesson or resource on the Bridges Educator Site unless if it has been tested by teachers and students. So these resources are tested and ready for use. These lessons are designed for Tier 2 intervention and organized by topics including...

Volume 1 - Number: Counting & Early Place Value

Volume 2 - Operations: Basic Addition & Subtraction

Volume 3 - Base Ten Operations: Addition & Subtraction with Multi-Digit Numbers

Volume 4 - Addition & Subtraction Word Problems

Volume 5 - Operations: Basic Multiplication & Division

Volume 6 - Base Ten Operations: Multiplication & Division of Multi-Digit Numbers

Volume 7 - Multiplication & Division Word Problems

Volume 8 - Adding, Subtraction & Making Sense of Fractions

Volume 9 - Money & Decimals

Be sure to look in the Units of Study for your grade level to know what volume and lessons to use with your students. Our Math curriculum team already did the research & homework for you, correlating the intervention guides to your current units of study. Once in the Unit of Study look under the Learning Plan for what intervention lessons to teach. These lessons are great to use in small group because they take about 20-30 minutes. Gena and I will be training teachers on these resources soon!

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Language Arts Online Resources

Think Central for Texas Journeys (Kindergarten-5th Grade):

The Reading adopted materials can be found in Think Central. Teachers will need to log in with the state, district, and campus information.

Username: firstnamelastname (eg. jasonjohnston)

Password: campus#Teacher$ (eg. 101Teacher$)

Students will need to log in:

Username: first8oflastname_studentID# (eg. Johnston_763456)

Password: Date of birth in YYYYMMDD format (eg. 19990513)

If teachers need assistance concerning ThinkCentral accounts, please enter a HelpDesk ticket in Eduphoria.

Texas Write Source (2nd-5th Grade):

Texas Write Source is the Writing/Grammar textbook that was adopted. Teachers should have received an email directly from Write Source to set up their account. If they forget how to login:

Username: district email address (eg.

Password: campus number + ”teacher” (eg. for a Bagdad teacher - 109teacher)

Handwriting Without Tears (PreK-3rd Grade)

To log in to HWT teachers should create an account with them using their LISD email account. This will grant you access to the online adopted materials. Teachers will create their own password. When it asks for an access code, have teachers look on the inside front cover of their TE (1st log-in only).

PACE Language Arts

Once DRA results are in AWARE it will be time to identify our students that qualify for PACE LA. I will meet with LA teachers on each grade level to talk about the process for identifying newly qualified students, roll over students, and appropriate lessons & activities for PACE LA. If you would like to look at the PACE LA Workbook, then it can be found here. The letters don't go home until October 23rd, so we still have time.
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Science Updates

Tigtag: Teachers can now log in with LISD credentials.

Science Modules: Will be picked up during the week of October 12. New modules will arrive on campus the week of October 26.

Science Assessments:

3rd Grade Testing Window (September 23-October 16)

4th & 5th Grade Testing Window (October 5-October 16)

Tweener Time (While you wait for your new kit to arrive):

-Use the data from Science assessments to focus instruction and reteach during the "tweener" time.

-5th Grade can use the STAAR Connections during this time.

-This is a great time for students to engage in Inquiry, PBL, and STEM investigations. Let me know if you want to plan one of these investigations together!

Upcoming Training:

Science STAAR Connection Training for 5th grade teachers. September 22nd 3:30-5:30 at LEO 112B

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Social Studies Online Resources

Spotlight on Texas (4th Grade):

-Go to Camacho Library homepage

-Click on green star (online books)

-Click on Spotlight on Texas (Username: leander, Password: texas)

-Click on book and it will read it to students

Maps 101 (all Grades):

-Go to Camacho Library homepage

-Click on the blue star (databases)

-Click on Maps 101(Username: leanderk12, Password: leander)

Social Studies Training for DBQs & CRQs

What are DBQs & CRQs you might ask?

DBQ = Document Based Questions in 3rd-5th Grade

CRQ = Constructive Response Questions in Kindergarten-2nd Grade

DBQs & CRQs are embedded in the Social Studies Units of Study. 4th & 5th grade have DBQ binders for Texas History & American History. If you are interested in learning more about DBQs or CRQs, then let me know. If you want me to model one in your classroom, then let's set a date!

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STEM Connections

Terri challenged us in Team Meetings to add a STEM Connections section in our newsletters, so I want to accept that challenge as well. Here's an inspirational video about STEM and why we want this educational experience for our students.
STEM Motivational Video

Go Noodle

Go Noodle is a wonderful online tool to use for brain breaks in your classroom. There is also a way to input your own questions in Go Noodle which is great for test review. Let me know if you are interested in this feature, and I can show you how. Don't have an account?

Sign up for a free account...

1. Go to

2. Click "Sign Up"

3. Create a Username & Password

Want five great ways to use Go Noodle? Here's a list...

1. Morning Meeting

Pick a stretching brain break to get the day started on the right foot.

My pick: Tight Rope with Maximo

2. Subject Transitions

Take a vigorous break to release the wiggles and re-energize the brain before moving onto the subject.

My pick: Pop See Koo by Koo Koo Kangaroo

3. After Lunch or Recess

Calming breaks are helpful to bring everyone back down to Earth so we can transition into learning.

My pick: Airtime Space

4. Before (and After) a Big Test

Take the time to do something relaxing beforehand, then something fun afterward.

My pics: Flow before a test. Happy with Zumba Kids after a test.

5. Indoor Recess

When it's too cold, rainy, or blazing hot to go outside try Go Noodle's Indoor Recess Mega Mixes!

My pick: Mega Mix #3

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Testing Windows

August 31-September 25: DRA Window for 1st-5th Grade

August 31-October 23: DRA Window for Kindergarten (usually last 4 weeks of the window)

September 8-September 21: TPRI Window for 1st and 2nd Grade

September 23-October 16: Science Assessment Window for 3rd Grade

October 5-October 23: PreK Testing Window

October 5-October 16: Science Assessment Window for 4th & 5th Grade

October 5-October 19: TPRI Window for Kindergarten

October 19-October 23: PACE Math Screener Opens for 1st Grade