Word around Vegas is what?

Best paper ever in sweet Las Vegas, 2030

Newspaper Project by Tacora Williams

Advice From the Best in Town (a.k.a. Tacora Williams)

Dear Ms. Tacora Williams,

I have a really big problem that needs fixing. So one day the girl athletes were coming in for water and I followed them-you know how I am-. As I was walking up to the water fountain this really tall,ugly,funny smelling, girl spilled water on me, and everyone said I peed on myself! Please help me solve this situation I'm to scared to tell because I'm scared people will bully me more. I really need your advice please and thank you.

~PeePee Boy (Fargas)

Dear PePee Boy

Your problem does indeed seem to be a little out of hand. You say you're scared to tell teachers because you're afraid they'll bully you more. Have you considered getting revenge? Some of my ideas would be to hack into the school's grading system and change all their grades to failing; but if that's too much I understand. If you can't do maybe you should try avoiding all of them it'll help sometimes.

-Ms. Tacora Williams

Come out and see Brain Jack a movie based off of BrainFalkner's book

Do you love technology, games, computers, or anything nerd related? If so Brain Jack is a must see movie for you then! Based of the book Brain Jack written by Brain Falkner it's a pretty big deal starting from all the hackers and attacks. It all starting from Sam stealing neruo headsets! Who knew those things could cause people to go crazy and fills people heads with lies. Let's not even get started on Ursala; want more well you'll just have to watch the movie which comes out November 25.

"Let's go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about happening yesterday"~Steve Jobs

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Take a look at these miraculous nuero headsets.
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Just in case you haven't read the book and want to here's a picture of the cover.
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