Carnegie Updates

for the week of February 8th

Principal Pollard

Dear Carnegie Professionals,

As we move our school to a Level 1+, we must captalize off every instructional minute and strategically align our instructional practices to our data. You are to check and monitor the CCSS standards you have taught by using the ELA & Math Checklists in your Google Document. The Spring Reading & Mathematics Growth Goals must be greater than the previous year. Therefore, all Spring Reading & Math Growth Targets have changed. Your Spring Reading & Mathematics Attainment Goals did not change. The revised Spring Growth Targets have been updated in Google document.

  • Spring School-wide Growth Goals:
    • Reading— 91% of students will meet or exceed their spring growth target.
    • Math—66% of students will meet or exceed their spring growth target.

Second Quarter Report Cards will be distributed on Thursday, February 11th. Report Cards, NWEA Winter Student Progress Reports and Out-of-Medical Compliance Parent Letters will be placed in your mailbox on Wednesday evening.

Congratulations Ms. Buksa, We sold over $700.00 worth of Candy Grams. Thank you to all staff members who supported the Valentine’s Day Candy Gram Fundraisier. Candy Grams will be delivered throughout the day on Friday, February 12th. Funds raised will support our Music Program.

There will be a Valentine’s Day Dance on Friday, February 12th for 4th-8th grade students in the gym from 1:45 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. This is an Out-of-Uniform for all students. Students may wear red, pink, or purple. Prep teachers are remain with your designated class in gym. Kindergarten-3rd grade teachers may elect to host a Valentine's Day Party for your class. Students may bring in treats and cards and you may elect to invite parents and watch a Rated G Valentine movie. A payor's list will be given to you on Monday, February 8th.

The My Voice, My School Teacher Survey window is open through March. All teachers and SECAs are asked to complete the survey. For additional information, please see Ms. Hegwood.

As of Friday, Friday, February 5th the My Voice, My School Teacher/Student Response Rates are as follows:

  • Teacher Response Rate - 34%
  • 4th/5th Student Response Rate - 96%
  • 6th-8th Student Response Rate - 96%

Any student that did not take the survey and/or took the survey but failed to submit the survey will complete the survey next week with Ms. Hegwood. Students will complete the survey during their prep or during the afternoon.

Domain 1: Planning & Preparation

  • REVISED: Lesson Plan feedback for the weeks of February 1st-12th will be placed your mailbox on Tuesday, February 8th.
  • There will be an ILT Meeting on Monday, Februry 8th at 8:00 a.m. in Room 201. The focus of the meeting CIWP.

Domain 2: Classrrom Environment

Five Top Strategies to Keep Students Learning in a Calm Classroom Environment

  • Strategy number 5 Keep the lesson moving. If you have a forty-five minute period, plan three different activities. Try to get them up out of their seats at least once during the class period. Those students with pent up energy will thank you for it.
  • Strategy number 4 – Don’t lecture for the whole period. Students who are actively engaged in a learning activity are generally not disrupting the class. Hands-on activities work great for vivacious classrooms.

  • Strategy number 3 – Talk to your students, ask them how they are. If they do something nice, tell them that you appreciate their kindness. This lets them know that you really do care about them.

  • Strategy numbers 2 -- When students are being disruptive by talking, poking, pulling or crumpling paper, go stand by them. This works best with boys. This sends them a direct message to stop what they are doing. Most of the time they stop and get back to work.

  • Strategy number 1 – When you have stood by the student, talked to the student and kept them busy with lessons, and they still are disruptive, take them in the hallway. Ask them, “Are you OK?” If they are defiant, ClassDojo their parents or send them to the Mrs. Stem.

  • Kids are kids. If they are not actively engaged in the lesson, they will become actively engaged in something else – disruptive behavior. Try these five strategies to keep them learning.

Domain 3: Instruction

  • iReady Reading printables are aligned to GRR. The reading lessons provide short passages for Modeled Instruction, Guided Instruction, Guided Practice and Independent Practice. As well as an assessment for each lesson.
  • You are to add/update iReady Reading & Math lessons for each student. These lessons should be aligned to each student RIT Score.

Domain 4: Personal Responsibilities

  • This week's grade-level meeting will be lead by the Team Chairperson. The focus of the meeting is to plan instructional lessons for iReading Reading & Mathematics and add lessons for students.
  • There will be an IIBA Chicago Workshop on February 13th through 15th at J. W. Marriott Chicago located 151 W Adams Street for Ms. Clark, Ms. Fuller, Mr. Kelly & Mr. Murphy.
  • Our attendance rate for last week was 96.74%. That's a 0.64% increase from the previous week. You are to input attendance into IMPACT by 9:30 a.m. and send your Attendance Folder to the Main Office (Mrs. Morgan-Percy). Mrs. Percy will call each classroom daily to cross check that students marked absence in IMPACT are absence. Highest Attendance Winners for February will be announced on Tuesday, March 1st. Winning classrooms may choose a Free schoolbus or Pizza Party.

ESP/MSU Student Interns:

  • All ESPs & MSU Student Interns must report to morning duty promptly at 8:30 a.m. Students are to be supervised at all times. The following staff members are assigned to the below designation.
  • Ms. Gletten, Ms. Mitchell, Ms. P. Johnson, Ms. Harris, Ms. Close, Ms. Visci, Mr. Daw, & Ms. Meza, Ms. Vocke- Cafeteria
  • Mr. Bush, Mr. Flowers, Ms. Vanderhorst, Mr. Sportel & Ms. Pratt - Gym

Highest Attendance Rate for January

"Teaching & Learning Through Technology"

Ms. Hernandez' 2nd graders engage in their first online chess activity! Students have learned all the chess pieces and play chess online. Students play against classmates, other students in other cities, and the computer. They will also join online chess tournaments!
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Mrs. Mitchell, 4th grade students engaged in a Nearpod lesson to determine the setting and mood within a text. Students even took a virtual tour to New York City!

Supplemental Resources


If you are interested in immediate continued Nearpod training, Please check out these self paced lessons:

Farewell Ms. Edgar!

Farewell to Ms. Edgar who have served the Carnegie school community for over 13 years. Congratulations! My best wishes to you for a bright future.
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"Every Student Matters, Every Moment Counts"

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