Canada in 2040

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Canada will look really different in 2040, I know you guys are reading this and wondering how will Canada look in 2040. I am here to show you guys what might happen in the year 2040. There will be more Immigrants then Emigrants, Different Climate, Different population and Population Density. There would be less Job opportunities.

Immigration and Emigration in Canada 2040

Immigration is the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. Emigration is to leave your own country in order to settle permanently in another. In the year 2040 of Canada there would be more Immigrants then there are today. The Immigration percentage in Canada 2040 would be 0.75 %. The Emigration percentage in Canada 2040 would be 0.14 %.

The rate of the Immigration would be 9.05, The Rate of Emigration would be 1.34.

Population In Canada 2040

The Population in Canada in the year of 2014/2015 would be 36,025.20 But from the picture it shows the population for the year 2040/2041 which would be 49,940.20.

There would be a population increase 1 3915 in 26/27 years. I found the increased rate by subtracting the 2014/2015 population by the 2040/2041 population. The Increased rate is about 16%. I found this by adding the 2014/2015 and the 2040,2041 population which would be 85,965.4. After that I divided 13.915 by 85,965.4 which gave me a decimal number of 0.1618 after that I Multiplied 0.1618 by 100 which gave the number 16.18 in math, for percentage they do not use decimals so the percentage would be 16%.

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Population Pyramid

This Pyramid shows what the population would be in Canada in the years of 2000, 2025, and 2050.The Pyramid is shown as separate Male and Female. For the year 2000 the highest population for male is 1.37 Million in the 35-39 cohort and Female is 1.37 Million in the same cohort as the male so 35-39.The lowest population for male is in the +100 and the population is 0.010.

For the year 2025 the highest population would be 1.3 million for male and 1.35 million for Female. The Lowest population for the male would be 0.017 for the +100, and for the female its also the age group of +100 and the population of that age group is 0.024.

The population for the year 2050 would be 1.37 Million (Male) and 0.135

(Female). Lowest for the year 2050 is for the age group of +100 and the population is 0.175 (female) and 0.015 (male).

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Transportation in City Of Vancouver

This Video shows how people in Vancouver are trying to change the way they live, they are having less cars and healthy type of living. Like walking to work, or taking a train, a subway, taking the bus, Using their bicycle. The people say they want to have a healthy, and a livable community.
City of Vancouver: Transportation 2040


Canada in 2040 will look really different from how it is today, less job opportunities, way more population and a lot of different types of transportation.