Hakuna Matata

We named our utopian society Euphoria. The word euphoria means; a feeling of happiness, confidence, and well being.

Declaration of Independence

We the people of Euphoria, in order to establish a utopia, unite to form a stress-free society against this judgemental society. We can no longer trust the previous rulings because they have failed to protect against the obstruction of our privacy. We need to establish this perfect society to benefit ourselves and to serve our nation to propel a positive attitude. The mere fact that we represent pure happiness has made our nation excel above the rest.


1. Our happiness will be subjective.

- We will do what we want within Euphoria legality to make ourselves happy. This is without any form of disrespect to others.

2. We will ensure action.

- We participate in the peaceful liberation of all regardless of differences and time.

3. We do not commit murder

- All beings belonging to Euphoria have the right to life, including those in respect to nature from the sky to the sea.

4. Independence is granted to all at the age of 18.

5. We except our natural rights.

- Euphoria has adopted Locke theory in order to protect our rights toward life, liberty, and property.

6. The free-rider problem will not exist.

- Regardless of occupation or time, we all contribute to the building of our society. We are preventing the system becoming a slave for others to live off of.

7. We do not liter

8. Crime is not accepted

9. Creation is limitless

- The mind is important and we respect it as long as your ideas produce growth, which will be hard for them not to.

10. We are happy

- (:


Our society is a republic. There will be a few selected individuals to run everything, then from there on its majority rules.


1. Lend-a-hand day: community services
2. Free Day: no work
3. Dia de Sol: beach day
4. Ice Cream Month: free ice cream for everyone
5. Dance Day: You have to dance everywhere you go

Personality Quiz

  1. Do you like Ice Cream?
  2. Are you will to put yourself before others?
  3. Are you more of a pessimist or an optimist?
  4. Do you enjoy exercising, or keeping your body healthy?
  5. Do you enjoy rainy days or sunny days?
  6. Do you prefer noise or silence?
  7. Do you enjoy reading or playing?
  8. Do you enjoy company?
  9. Do you enjoy helping others?

10. Would you rather dance or walk?