Nelson Mandela

Biography Of One Of The Most Iconic People In The World


Nelson's Mandela's original name given to him at birth was Rolihlahla which also meant troublemaker and he lived in a small village (Mvezo in Umtata) with a tribe, he was taught how to hunt and other thing's the tribe would teach him and his early life was dominated by rituals and taboo but he at the age of 7 was the first sibling (He Lived With A Mother And 2 Sisters) in his family to go to school because the people in the tribe believed that girls were smarter then boys so only girls got sent to school.

In school. The teacher asked Rolihlahla what was his name and he replied saying Rolihlahla his teacher said he needed a english name therefore having his name being Nelson.

Mandela began his secondary education at Clarkebury Boarding School in Engcobo because he wanted to gain skills needed to become a privy councillor, after he attended the university of Fort Hare an elite black school/institute in Alice, Eastern Cape, with around 150 students. He studied English, anthropology, politics, native administration, and Roman Dutch law. He he eventually received his bachelor of arts degree and other education certificates.

ANC (African National Congress)

The ANC (African National Congress) is a organisation that Mandela was part of and was a organisation that was fighting for black rights and democracy. At the time Mandela was getting reputation at the time. But in time he would be a renown speaker and would become a leader in the ANC.

Black Pimpernel

Nelson Mandela was known as the Black Pimpernel because the real Pimpernel was the Scarlet Pimpernel and he got to places without being seen so since he was black. They called him the black pimpernel. When they planned a strike on government building's and after they did it he had many interviews with the press. He warned them that many anti-apartheid activists would resolve to violence. He eventually caught and put on the prison in Robben Island.

Robben Island

Nelson Mandela spent over 20 years in prison. In Robben Island he spent 18 of those years on Robben Island. The Prisoner routine would be to wake up at 5:30 to clean there cell etc. At 6:45 they would be able to leave their cells and work in the courtyard hammering stone with no breaks and later on in the day food would arrive. But even in prison their was racial discrimination indians got better food then africans. Other than that Robben Island is now a tourist attraction.