Tech Tidbits

Things To Think About This Summer

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Next year the district will be providing schools with subscriptions to WeVideo. WeVideo is the perfect tool for students to make videos to demonstrate their knowledge. It is a simple green screen program where students can create a video and put themselves right in the action. Imagine a class doing a report on France while "standing" in front of the Eiffel Tower! If you are worried about doing this with them send them to the MakerSpace and have them create it there. The possibilities are endless! For more information visit
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SMART amp is a collaborative digital canvas that students can used individually or for group projects. It provides a digital canvas where students can create using their writing skills as well as multimedia skills. It can import from Discovery Education as well as from other sites. The district will also be providing this for us next year. This would be a perfect activity to students to work on using the collaborative computer table that will be part of our MakerSpace. Their website even has a tutorial for you to follow to learn about the program and how to use it. For more information visit: