Could You Earn American Citizenship

Annamarie Acosta- March 16, 2015

How American Are You?

We've come to the conclusion that some American's might not know as much about our lovely state, as required. In Arizona and North Dakota, in order for their students to graduate, they must pass the U.S citizenship exam. How much do you know about America?
650,000 immigrants become naturalized citizens each year. Which means you can infer that they must know quite a bit about America and its history. But did you know that only 36% of Americans can name all the branches of the U.S government? 35% could not name any. The exam given to become a citizen covers American history, government, and Democracy. 12 other state Legislatures are considering this law as well. So again I ask, how well are you informed of our history in America? Would you pass the exam if it was given to you? Do you know why there are 13 stripes on our flag, or what they represent? What about the stars? Can you tell me which president abolished slavery, or who our very first United States President was? Again, the question comes into play, how much do you know about the state you were born in?
Becoming a U.S. Citizen: What You Need to Know