Panim el Panim/Face to Face

Meet the humans of Congregation Shaarei Kodesh

Hear the story of our member Ilene Prusher

Join us following Shabbat services on Saturday, March 18 as Rabbi Baum interviews Ilene Prusher on what it's like to be a Jewish war correspondent. After completing her education, Ilene chose to focus on international affairs with a focus on the Middle East and other conflict zones. From 1996-2010 Ilene covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for the Christian Science Monitor. She also served as Jerusalem correspondent for Time Magazine and was a columnist for Haaretz. Ilene is now a faculty member in the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies at Florida Atlantic University. Read more about Ilene here.

Panim el Panim/Face to Face

Saturday, March 18th, 12pm

19785 Hampton Drive

Boca Raton, FL