StJP Principal Newsletter

April 29, 2016

Grandparents' & Special Friends Bingo for our Kindergarten - 3rd Grade students was a wonderful morning. A big thank you to our MC, Mr. Erespe and the NJHS students for all their help this morning.

May Calendar

May 1: St. Luke's First Holy Communion 11:30 AM

May 4: 8th Grade Trip to NYC

May 5: Ascension Thursday Mass 10:00/ Student of the Month Awards to Follow/ All are Welcome

May 7: Immaculate Conception First Holy Communion 10:00 AM

May 9: 6th Grade Field Trip

May 12: 7th and 2nd grade sacrament celebration for students

May 13: May Procession 10:30 AM/Noon Dismissal/Kevin from Heaven Night at the Ballpark

May 16: DARE Graduation 5th Grade 7:00 PM at St. Basil's

May 19, 20, 21: Beauty and the Beast Jr.

May 20: 3rd Grade Field Trip

May 24: Barnes and Noble Night

May 25: 1st Grade Field Trip

May 26: Breathing Room TAG Day

May 27: No School for Students/Music Field Trip

May 30: No School Memorial Day

May 31: Students/Faculty Return to School

Home & School

Please send in your box tops -the last collection will be May 13th. Thanks so much!

Beauty and the Beast Jr. Show Tickets on Sale

Beauty and the Beast Program Ads.....A great way to send a message to a cast member or advertise your business!

Part of the tradition of our Spring Show is our Program Book, a high quality family keepsake that not only contains treasured photos and handwritten greetings, but also serves as a business directory for our community. It is a MUST read!

Greetings From Parents, Grandparents and Special Friends:

Surprise your special student with a greeting in your very own handwriting!

Why should you support the Program Book?
Community support is a key factor to the success of our Fine Arts Program. There are ways that you can help support this incredible cause:

  • Place an ad with a photo of your child and/or family with a special message
  • Submit a handwritten message from student's a grandparent or special friend
  • Sponsor a thank your teacher ad
  • Advertise your business or charity
  • Your kids will love to see themselves in the book!

Attached is the form for sponsorship. We can help you design your ad as a bonus if needed.

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Come Join the StJP Running Club

The Running Club will meet after school each Thursday from 3:15-4:30 during May & June, leading up to the June 11th race. Come to as many practices as you can. On each Thursday you will need: change of clothes, water bottle & healthy snack. We will enter the June 11th StJP Run with Pride 5K as a grade level running team. Visit the links below for more information to register and the permission to participate form.



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Needed Items for the Art Festival

Help us collect the materials we need for the art making activities.

Please send these materials to school as often as you can:

Colored plastic bags and shopping bags (any colors other than only white)

Thin clear plastic - for example, supermarket fruit and vegetable bags and the kind of clear plastic from drycleaner

Used PVC pipes

Plastic gallon milk jugs

Cereal boxes

Used garden hose or similar tubing (any size or length)

Plastic water bottles

Colored Tee Shirts

Pictures from our Artist in Residency that was provided to our school for NRG Creatively Green Grant we received

Helping Hands Final Project

Our school community has accomplished many great things this year & the Helping Hands committee wants to thank each family for their support & generosity. We'd like to end the school year with another token of kindness extended to our Breathing Room Families. Students will help assemble snack bags that include a handmade card to encourage those who are undergoing treatment for cancer. Please help us make this end-of-year collection a success!

With much gratitude!

Little Joe's End of Year Snack Bag Collection

Rm. 201 (Ireland) / Rm. 203 (Finke) / Rm. 3 (Koch) End of Year Snack Bag Collection

Rm. 204 (Pritz)/Rm.205 (Cipolla)/Rm. 1 (Gaynor) End of Year Snack Bag Collection

Goodwin & Phillips

Rm. 302 (Geonnotti) & Rm. 5 (Dolan) End of Year Snack Bag Collection

Rm. 303 (Pio) & Rm. 9 (Hector) End of Year Snack Bag Collection

Rm. 304 (O'Connell) & Rm. 7 (McLaughlin) End of Year Snack Bag Collection

Rm. 305 (McGeer) & Rm. 4 (Guerin) End of Year Snack Bag Collection

Rm. 306 (Tursi) & Rm. 8 (Gindhart) End of Year Snack Bag Collection

Over $1200.00 in change was collected to help give our Breathing Room families a fun summer family day

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Community Events

Kevin from Heaven Night at the Ballpark

The 6th Annual Kevin from Heaven "Night at the Ballpark" will be held on Friday, May 13th. Tickets are now on sale. Information can be found on the Kevin from Heaven website.

Abington Public Library


Ages 9-13
Wednesday, May 18
7:15-8:15 pm

Attention young scientists and engineers!
Compete in teams to build and design the best paper airplanes and support systems. Abington Senior High School’s Engineering Team will teach you the basics of physics and material science.
You’ll need teamwork and creativity to win the paper games!

at the Adult Information Desk (215-885-5180 x13) or online here.

Surviving the College Application Process - JUST FOR PARENTS

Thursday, April 28
at 6:30-8pm

Want to offer some ideas to help your child through the college application process? Discover tips for writing a resume, as well pointers for creating concise, original, and insightful essays that impress admission counselors.

Instructor: Linda George, Professional Writing Coach, Award-Winning Writer

Register at the Information Desk, by phone 215-885-5180 x13,
email or online here: Thursday, April 28.

College Essay Boot Camp - JUST FOR TEENS

Wed., April 27
from 6:30-8 p.m.

Attention High School SOPHOMORES & Juniors!

This power program will boost your resume and college application essay writing skills.
Learn proven tips that will sharpen your written presentation to college admissions officers.

Presented by Linda George, Professional Writing Coach, Award-Winning Writer

Register at the Information Desk, by phone 215-885-5180 x13,
email or online here: Wed., April 27

Merion Mercy Academy

Merion Mercy Academy offers summer academic, sports, and enrichment programs for boys and girls entering grades 6 - 12. Please visit our website at for more information.

Thinking about High School? Visit the links below.....

The link for McDevitt below is incorrect, my phone will not allow me to change it so until I can get to a computer, here is the correct address.

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