The Club Aphids

For all kinds of Ahpids


Come check out our all-you-can-eat plant buffet. You and your spouse bug go out to dine on the highest quality green plants around! The absolute best phloem sap you can find north of the equator, and the best xylem to suck on! We have dozens of perfect restaurants for your dining desires.

We have all kinds of things for you and your little nymphs to do! You can drop your little ones off at our daycare. We provide all the skills your children need to be able to eat, reproduce, and survive. We tech them about how they are nymphs, and go through incomplete metamorphosis.


We provide comfy, warm rooms right under the simulated leaves of the rain forest. From big to small families, we have rooms that can accommodate all your family. Up to 3 sq. feet of rooms space! Enjoy of 24/7 room service.

Be careful to avoid the gang of ladybugs that prey upon the living in the darkness of the surrounding forest. But inside the walls, you can sleep soundly knowing we have guards 24/7 guarding you from any predators that may lurk in the darkness, such as ladybugs or parasitic wasps.


Enjoy our bands that play every weeknight at the Plant Inn across the street. On weekends, enjoy a soothing massage.