Science And Engineering Egg Drop

Mr.Landers science class egg drop project report


On Tuesday, September 4th Mr. Landers science class was assigned an egg drop project. So that day we got to work on a contraption that would keep our egg safe from a 60 foot long drop off a fire truck ladder, all the days we could until Monday, September 9th when the fire truck came and we had to drop our eggs and their contraptions of the 60 foot drop and put them to the test to see if they will survive.

My Egg Contraption Thought Process

Multiple ideas and strategies were going through my head during the project, I even had to restart halfway through, I tested and tested by dropping the contraption off a science table to see if it was good, but in the end I stuck with the one I liked. The first thing I had to do was make a device that would hold the egg, because how would the egg stay in without a device to hold it. After I thought of that I had to get to work, the first thing the egg holder needed was padding encase something went wrong, so I got a cup and padded the bottom with cotton balls, plastic straws, package peanuts, and paper. Even though the holding device could hold the egg and keep it safe from a small fall I need something to slow it down to make less pressure on the egg the a regular fall so I made a parachute. The parachute also had a strategy behind it, the strategy behind the parachute was, a parachute needs to be open for a parachute to work so I put straws on the parachute to keep it open during the fall then connected the parachute the the egg holding device with Popsicle sticks and string. But what if the first parachute failed? The egg holder wouldn't be able to take the pressure, so I added a second parachute on the top for those reasons. Although, the top parachute was not as good as the bottom parachute due to limited resources, but I got the job done and did what it was supposed to. Also, there was a hole in the middle of the bottom parachute where the top straw would be connected the the egg holder, and the straw kept the bottom parachute from moving so it had a double purpose and both purposes worked. So thanks to an even amount of science and engineering the egg contraption was done.

The Egg Drop Results

The egg contraption was a success and aced the test! While my egg and contraption was falling it seemed like forever, I was worried that the egg wouldn't make it and would break under the pressure. But the egg contraption floated slowly down limiting the amount of pressure on the egg to a minuscule amount, which help in a very big way. Afterwards, I named the egg and the contraption, the egg's name was Leroy Albert and the contraption's name was the Floating Egg Tanke. In a flabbergasting conclusion, my egg and contraption made the fall and didn't break.