Tech Stars Awards Night

A special night featuring our shining eagle tech shars

Celebrate our first Eagle Tech Stars!

During the course of the spring semester, these individuals created movies, formatted pictures, developed songs (with original lyrics and beats), made animated games, learned the parts of a computer, troubleshooted issues, and much, much more. Now, it's time to celebrate their accomplishments!

Tech Stars Awards Night

Thursday, May 30th 2013 at 3:30-4:30pm

Forest North Elementary Computer Lab

Please check in with the front office and then, proceed to the computer lab. Drinks and snacks will be provided while students showcase their best pieces.


3:30-3:40: Introductions, snacks, drinks

3:40-3:50: Third grade awards

3:50-4:00: Fourth grade awards

4:00-4:05: Fifth grade awards

4:05-4:25: Student work showcase

4:25-4:30: Closing