Amana 5th grade Newsletter

Ms. Hess and Mrs. Baxter

Class News 5 - 20 - 2016

Great job to the 5th grade band! Be talking with your student as to if they would like to do band, choir, both or neither for next year and let us know.

The Celebration was a blast! We ate, played games and ate and signed shirt and did I mention we ate. Oh...then we swam! It was a great time! Thank you to all the folks that contributed to the success of our event. These kiddos sure will be missed next year!

If you are interested in purchasing LAST YEARS (2014-15) yearbook, please send a check payable to AES PTO for the amount of $15.

Sent home today, was a sky star chart for May/June. We encourage students and families on clear nights to go out and try to identify a few constellations. Hold the map up so the edges face the appropriate directions. Then see what star clusters you can identify.

Today each student has been given a list of library books that have been checked out. Some of these books are at home. Please spend time talking to your student about where these books are located.

I am sure that the cafeteria would appreciate you keeping up with the lunch fees as well.


Tuesday-- We are cashing in on our Jump Rope for Heart school awards. Students may come dressed in Pajamas and bring snacks to eat while we watch a movie!

Wednesday--We are going on a tour of the Amana History Museum and the Mill Stream Brewery in the morning.

Thursday-- Fish Iowa Trip all day. STUDENTS WILL NEED A SACK LUNCH-labelled and extra water. It is suppose to be 80 degrees that day. We will hold onto the CCA shirts we signed from the celebration and put those on before we leave for the trip. Please have your student wear shoes and clothes that can get dirty. Pants and closed toed shoes are recommended. They should also be sure to apply sunscreen before coming.

**PARENTS WHO ARE WANTING TO COME NEED TO MEET US AT LAKE IOWA'S NATURE CENTER or be prepared to follow the bus. We will leave at 8:15am**


We love all the treats and celebrating we do for our students' birthdays, but sometimes it feels like our summer birthdays get short changed since it does not fall during the school year. The 4th and 5th grade teachers would like to honor the 4th and 5th grade birthdays by having an ice cream social. We will supply ice cream and would love for your student to supply a topping. Some examples might be: candy bar crushed, cut up fruit like strawberries or bananas, whipped cream, sprinkles, gummy treats, sauces like caramel or chocolate, maybe a can of coke or root beer if they do not like toppings.

We will have this celebration on Thursday, June 2nd to celebrate all summer birthdays!

Learning Goals:

Math: I can show what I have learned this year in math.

Science: I can understand stars in the sky.

Reading: I can read about constellation mythology.

Writing: I can write to persuade using STRONG reasons. I can write my own myth about a constellation I create. I can write about memories from elementary school.

HELP Wanted: A Summer Vacation for Oreo and Rocky

Oreo and Rocky, our class pets, are looking for a place to spend his summer months. They would love to visit any of the 5th grader's home and can spend all or part of the summer. They would come complete with bedding, food, and treats! You can take one or both ;) Let us know!

Important Dates:

  • 5/24/16 - Pajama/Snack and Movie Day (5th grade only)
  • 5/25/16 - Field Trip to Amana History Museum and Brewery
  • 5/26/16 - Thursday-Fish Iowa all day trip Sack lunch required
  • 5/28/16 - CCA Kernals night at the baseball field in Cedar Rapids
  • 5/31/16 - Kernals Reading assembly at 2:30pm
  • 6/1/16 - Talent Show at 9am
  • 6/2/16 - 4th and 5th grade Summer Birthday Bash ice cream party AND report cards come home
  • 6/3/16 - Swimming for last day