Little About Ariel Sharon...

Serve : Gali Cohen and Eden Cohen.

Was Ariel Sharon a leader ?

Ariel Sharon was a leader.

He was defense minister in the cabinet of Israel member of Knesset ' founder and kadima chairman.

The major part of his political career was that he became a prime minister.

Do you agree or disagree that he was a leader ?

We think that Ariel Sharon was an outstanding leader because of the great deeds he did for the state of Israel.

He fought in the war of independence and was injured.

In the early 50s established the unit 101 and led to brave actions to defeat the terrorism in the Gaza strip in the early 70th.

What made Ariel Sharon be a leader ?

What made Ariel Sharon be a leader!

It is his qualities and actions On behalf of Israel, He was brave, and he improved the economic situation in the country.

He fought the terrorism, He was elected Likud chairman and opposition leader.

Thanks to his effort.

He made Israel better.

What do other people from other countries thinks about Ariel Sharon ?

People have different opinions about Ariel Sharon's.

Some are good and some are bad.

Loussia Goodheart, an American tourist claims that Ariel was a hero and an important figure in terms of changes in Israel and the Middle East.

Claim that Ariel Sharon was a criminal, responsible for the assassination of Palestinian Yasser Arafat and was involved in his death.

We think that Ariel Sharon was a war hero and a man of talent and chairman that led to the people of Israel for peace.

Why do you think people from all over the world came yo say last goodbye ?

A lot of people from around the world came to the funeral of Ariel Sharon to say goodbye because Ariel was a respected not only in Israel but throughout the world, he was a war hero and a man for peace.