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October/November 2019

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Oct 21 ~ Cashless Schools portal opens - Parents to sign up using student access codes

Oct 22 ~ District Cross Country meet at Fort Henry

Oct 22 ~ Hot Lunch - Pasta

Oct 23 ~ Grade 6s to Steer Clear of Drugs

Oct 24 ~ Lockdown drill

Oct 29 ~ Hot Lunch - Grilled Cheese

Oct 29 ~ Pumpkin Carving Contest submissions to front foyer between 8:15-8:30

Oct 31 ~ Black and Orange Day and Intermediate Dance

Nov 1 ~ PA Day - No School for Students

Nov 5 ~ Grade 2s to Little Cataraqui Conservation Area

Nov 5 ~ Hot Lunch - Subway

Nov 6 ~ Photo Retake Day

Nov 7 ~ Parent Council @ 6pm and Coffee Time @ 8am

Nov 8 ~ Grade 3s to Swim to Survive @ Queen's

Nov 12 ~ Hot Lunch - Panzarotti

Nov 15 ~ Grade 3s to Swim to Survive @ Queen's

Nov 19 ~ Progress Reports (Gr. 1-8) and Communication of Learning (Kindergarten)

Home to Families

Nov 19 ~ Hot Lunch - Pizza


Nov 26 ~ Hot Lunch - Pasta

Nov 29 ~ PA Day - No School for Students

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Lancaster has been abuzz with rich learning experiences and student activity!

  • Mystery Skype opportunities to places all over the world for a global understanding
  • Using math concepts to design our own water parks
  • Researching a Worldwide NGO to see how it engages in global issues
  • Speed dating with high-interest novels and following up with class book talks
  • Hunkering down to daily "quick writes" to develop our writing stamina and fluency
  • Using our hallway student voice boards for our math champions to collaborate and work together to solve math challenges
  • Learning how to use Google Docs for the first time as a tool for our writing journey
  • Using boom-whackers and ukeleles to create our own music or read notes
  • Casting our Student Vote ballots while following the Federal Election
  • Performing a play in French "Pat le Chat!"
  • Using a microscope to explore plant and animal cells
  • Creating digital portfolios to capture our work, develop metacognition, and work on communicating our learning

All of this could be captured in just one day at Lancaster. We are so very proud of our students for engaging in their learning and for our staff for tapping into students' curiosity, encouraging innovation and cultivating critical thinking in our students. Classes have also been able to explore outdoor learning through community walks, combined class dynamic games, field trips, DPA - daily physical activity, and taking curriculum learning outside. A snapshot of a day at Lancaster is one that captures good learning - academically, socially and by growing strong character in our students.


We have used opportunities this month to practice our safety procedures in the school, including fire and lockdown drills. Staff also reinforce with students safe practices on the school yard and classroom, the importance of reporting (vs. tattling), and work diligently to use mistakes as learning opportunities to grow good decision-making skills, empathy, and resiliency in our students.


At the end of the last school year, we had some challenges with a person from the community coming onto school property after the students had gone inside from recess and taking items that had been left outside (jackets, hoodies, bags). This man has been observed after school and on weekends riding his bike and looking for items that are left unattended and will take them. He avoids contact with students and staff as he does not want to be identified. While he has not presented any risk to student safety within these contexts, there has been some loss of personal property. Reports have been made on behalf of the school, both last year and recently, to Kingston Police including photos and a brief video. At this point, Police have indicated they have identified and made contact with the individual. With are now working with police to have him trespassed from school property. A reminder that our school property goes up to but does not include the pathway and park area. Staff have been vigilant in having students pick up stray items at the end of recess and reviewing safe practices with students. We encourage parents to review as well to address times when students are out in the community outside of school hours.


There are many community agencies, events and programs to further support our students - touching on the impact of social media on our lives, early language intervention, parenting when anxiety presents in your child, the dangers of vaping, and free eyeglasses for JK students. Please ensure to view these in the "FOR OUR PARENTS: COMMUNITY SUPPORTS, PROGRAMS, EVENTS AND WORKSHOPS" section of this newsletter.

Your leaders in learning,

Lani Fox and Carrie Moore


New Parent Council Facebook Group

Dear Lancaster Parents,

Thank you to all the members of our parent community who came out for our last meeting! We have a full Council, who have wonderful ideas on the horizon, and we look forward to working with them throughout the year to help support initiatives and activities, in partnership with the school, for our students. The elected Council for 2019-2020 is below. Anyone is welcome at the meetings and we encourage you to come out to lend your voice and your support to this dynamic group of Council Executives. To try and capture any parents that cannot make it to a Tuesday meeting we are holding our next meeting on Thursday November 7th at 6:00. Childcare is provided. Join us for Coffee Time on the primary yard at 8:00 that morning.

Improving communication is just one of the prime objectives of Parent Council this year. We have created this closed Facebook group to keep the parents up to date with Parent Council activities. I hope this group would also help improve your participation/ involvement in council meetings as well as continue to build our parent community allowing for networking and collaboration to support the efforts of our school. We look forward to seeing our families come out to our Movie Night to be held on November 28th, more details to come!

Please click on the link below to join the group.

Thank you and I look forward to working as your Parent Council Chair this year,

Ammar Rashid

Chair, Lancaster Parent Council

School Day - Cashless Schools is now at Lancaster

Lancaster is now one of several schools to launch a new secure online portal, School-Day, that will allow families to complete payments and permission forms online. Parents and guardians will be invited via email to view their student’s school-related events such as field trips, sporting

events or activities such as hot lunch, agenda/yearbook purchases, event attendance, etc. Parents/guardians will be required to complete the required permissions and complete payment (if applicable) via credit card or electronic funds transfer from their bank account.

Instructions on how to register for this new system were sent home on Monday, October 21st when the system went live for our site. Please let your child's teacher know if you did not receive a second copy and you need one.

The first phase of the use of this system is parent sign-up. Staff will receive training relevant to classroom events, field trip permissions, and use for coaching or club purposes at our November 1st PA Day. You will then begin to see events and items added to your child's account and recieve notifications of these events via email. School Day is also set up to work well for dual-home families as accounts are separate but both parents can see the events attached to their child. Parents will be required to sign up for this service as it will replace other methods of permission and payments.

This new portal will remove the risks associated with sending money to school with students, the frustration of lost or missing permission forms, and significantly reduce the amount of paper our school consumes.

EQAO - Lancaster Results

Each year as a school staff we review school data, using EQAO results as part of this data set, to inform our practices and set school-wide and divisional goals. Released earlier to the public, a summary of Lancaster school results are below. A full report is online at We work as a staff to identify our best strategies to meet the needs of our students. Some of the overall areas we have identified for focus in the areas of literacy, math and school climate include; improving student stamina in written communication, developing increased number fluency, and building emotional literacy and resiliency. Our accountability to these goals comes through in our School Learning Plan (posted on our website) and the professional development that we engage in as a staff and in collaboration with each other as colleagues. Lancaster continues to place emphasis on student achievement and supporting our students to develop the essential skills they need in a world that requires us to be life long learners.
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Parent Council 2019-20

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Traffic Plan

The final stages of our traffic plan are now under way. This includes further signage, pavement markings and pavement and curb work on Lancaster Drive. We have been pleased to see our students and our families making effective use of the new pedestrian crossing and traffic pathways in the new design. Signage and continued diligence will help to re-inforce the safety of our students. If you observe areas of concern please don't hesitate to share these with school staff so that we can be responsive if further communication, education or monitoring is required.


Lancaster Drive Public School

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What is Self-Regulation: how can I help grow it with my child?

There are three factors that affect self-regulation; sensory input, arousal level and personal strategies. Sensory input relates to how we interpret sensory information from our environments. Arousal level is our level of hightened sensitivity (high or low). Personal strategies relates to how effective our own calming strategies are for us.
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Lancaster Parent Council Fundraising

Mabels Labels

Need labels for your kids belongings – simply hop onto and click on “support a fundraiser” scroll through until you see our school then do your shopping – 20% of all sales go to our school fundraising efforts – how easy is that!!

Cobb's Bread

Love tasty baked goods from Cobbs Bread?? Every time you visit Cobbs Bread Bakery at 770 Gardiners rd. in Kingston simply let them know you are supporting Lancaster School’s Fundraiser and they will donate 10% of your sale to us!

Let’s “Raise some Dough”!


You can now shop online at your favourite stores and fund raise for Lancaster! As part of our 2018/2019 Fundraising efforts, Parent Council is putting a 3 year plan in place to raise funds for schoolyard improvements for all divisions - primary, junior and intermediates. This is a significant project and will require a lot of hard work and dedication from our Parent Council, Staff and Community.

FlipGive allows us to earn cash back for our school for shopping online! There are dozens of retailers to shop with including Indigo, Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Old Navy, Sport Chek just to name a few. You can even earn cash back for the school when you purchase gift cards - great teachers gifts or stocking stuffers! Going out for dinner? Order your gift card online through FlipGive ahead of time and use it to pay for dinner....So easy & something you were going to do anyway!

How it works

This fundraiser will run all year around so check back each time you shop online to see if there is a participating retailer. For a full list of current retailers, click here.

Feel free to also share the link and code with family & friends - anyone can join our team! Every little bit helps. We appreciate your support.

  • Indigo - Gift Cards gives 15%, Shop Online gives up to 3%
  • Amazon - Shop Online gives up to 10%
  • Walmart - Shop Online gives up to 1%
  • Starbucks - Buy Gift Cards gives 2%
  • Old Navy - Buy Gift Cards gives 2%, Shop Online gives 5%
  • Sport Chek - Shop Online gives 10%
  • Ultimate Dining Gift Card - gives 7%
  • Jack Astor's - Buy Gift Cards gives 10%

Music Lessons

Lancaster is happy to share that our students are able to register for instrumental music lessons that take place in our school building during the school day. Please contact the music teachers directly if you are interested in registering your child/children for piano or guitar lessons.


Tanya Bezanson



Maria Boston

613. 384.1057


John Porter


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