Little Fox Music Box

A sing-along songbook with 100+ interactive elements

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Developer – Fox and Sheep GmbH

Age Range - 2 to 5 year olds

Subject – Literacy

Rating – 78/100

Price – £2.49 / $2.99

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App Review

Little Fox Music Box is a beautifully illustrated sing along and music creation app. There are three songs to choose from - London Bridge, Evening Song and Old MacDonald. Each one is sung by young children who not only have very cute singing voices but ones that are completely natural as well. The scenes that accompany each song contain a high level of interactivity. Almost every item on view does something interesting or funny when pressed. These animations will keep children entertained long after the songs have finished. Users can also record and then listen to themselves singing the songs.

Another feature of the app is the Fox Studio. Here children have the opportunity to interact freely with a range of music making item and characters. Again, users can make a recording of the music they produce.

It would be nice to see one or two songs added but Little Fox Music Box is still an excellent app that will help children develop their understanding of music and rhyme.


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