Career project

The art of drone flying


My name is Damon Chappelear and this is my career project.From the videogames I have played all my life I have grown very fond of drones and how they work and I find them fascinating. A college I want to go to will be either Texas tech or Texas A&M.I have grown fond of drones from the game COD black ops 2 from the dragon fire drone.
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Personality test

My color turned out being orange this means that I have

Holland Test Results:strong social skills; interested in social relationships and helping others solve problems. The next strongest was a tie between conventional and realistic. I have mechanical abilities, working outdoors with tools and objects while also organizing things.

Reflection: I think the descriptions fit me very well. I act on a moments notice and consider life as a game,here and now. I need fun,variety,stimulation and excitement.I value skill,resourcefulness and courage.I am a natural trouble shooter,a performer and a competitor.

Career choices

There are four jobs I want to go with

1,drone piloting :pay:100000

2,pilot :pay:98000

3,areo space engineer :pay:61000

4,computer research scientist :pay:102000


Texas tech: required:19000

Texas A&M: required:17000