Mrs. Shorter's Showcase


November 9-13, 2015 Our Week in Review

This week we completed our study of American symbols and Veteran's Day. We concluded our learning by making cards for Veterans related to our classmates. We began learning about the first Thanksgiving with a million dollar word-history. Ask your child to tell you about the Wamponoag Indians. See of he/she can tell you which ocean these Indians live near. We are pondering the idea of how people long ago kept their bodies healthy and strong. Ask your child to tell you about life in a Wamponoag Indian village.

Important Dates and Reminders/Homework

Nov. 25-27-Thanksgiving Holidays

Dec. 2-Seussical the Musical field trip


Review all letters and sounds introduced

Make words with _ig, _it, _am, _at, _an, _op, _og (Listen for these chunks in words)

Review number recognition 1-20

Count to 100

Practice listening for and saying all sounds in words (ex. Shoe=sh-oo; Cat=c-a-t)

Review all sight words introduced

Read from reading folder, poetry folder, and Ziploc bag of books

List books on November reading log

Homework will be clipped inside your child's agenda.

Our Week in Pictures

Teaching This Week...

Language Arts/Writing:

Standards #s: RLK 1-10; RIK 1-10; RFK 1a-d, RFK 2a-d1, 3a-d; WK 2-3, 7-8; SLK 1a-b, 2-6; LK 1a-f, 2a-d, 4a, 5a-d, 6


Letters/sounds Jj, Ff, Xx)

Word building (chunking short "o" and "u")

Sight Words (not, for)

Phonemic Awareness:

Hearing all sounds in words

Hearing rhyming words

Concepts of Print:

Punctuation marks (. , ? !)


Publishing "true" stories

Adding details to the story


Standards #s: KCC 1,3, 4a-c, 5-7; KOA3; KMD2-3; KG 1-4

Counting and Cardinality:

One less


Shapes (flat and solid)

Characteristics of Shapes


The first Thanksgiving/Thanksgiving today


A Thanksgiving Feast

We will have our very own Thanksgiving feast next Thursday. The children are encouraged to choose to dress as a Pilgrim or an Indian. Pilgrims should wear black and white; whereas Indians should dress in brown. We need your help in providing supplies for this special event. Please look for an email from our room mom and sign up to help out. Thank you in advance for your support of our learning!

Harvest Day

Next Friday is harvest day. We will be harvesting the lettuce and kale from the garden at 1:30 Friday afternoon. You are invited to come help us gather a bountiful harvest just in time for Thanksgiving salads!