"Where I Stand"

By: Mounir Tanyoas

Natural Resources

In this world, we, being biological beings are constantly using and using resources that we do not know where they come from or end up. We do not realize that this is a limited world that we live in and that is a problem. With this come many consequences. If this trend keeps on going on, than we will end up with no food, water and any other resources that are essential to our being. My family and I were talking and predict that there will be many famines in the future if this continues. Life before we know it will be a hunt and kill game for the little resources we will have left. We need to start caring for the resources that we have in Ontario and not abuse these resources because some countries in other parts of the world are not able to even get some of these resources. We need to start focusing and raising more awareness on our natural resources because this will interpret if our future will be a good or a bad one. We can waste natural resources by leaving the tap on, the amount of unnecessary garbage thrown out creating huge landfills even sometimes in our lakes, cutting down trees and causing forest fires and much more. We sometimes think that something as small as closing the tap off well not help save natural resources, so we don't care. But if we imagine everyone in the country doing the same, think of the amount of water is being saved. Everyone's contribute to saving natural resources, no matter the amount, can do great things. Overall, I think that focusing a lot more on our natural resources is important for us now and in the future to come.

Community Safety

Community safety is a term of quality of life in which people. Individual are protected as far as possible from hazards or threats that result from the criminal or anti-social behavior of others. I think that community safety is very important because people need to know that they are safe not just in their homes and community but also in their own country. I and my family were watching the news a couple of days ago and there was about 8 murders and injuries from different communities in Ontario. I think that there should be more police men around communities and not like call and we will be at your house in 5 min. I think that police men need to be more organized and be more alert in the things that are going on around the communities. I think that there should be about 3-4 officers in about 2 communities creating safety to the people. And I am not saying this like police officers should be guarding every door of every house in Ontario, but creating a more efficient system that will reduce crime rates and increase safety to the people. This also includes places like schools. There has been so far a lot of gunman who had attacked many schools in Ontario and killed students and teachers. And with a more efficient system this can be stopped.

Health Care

There are many issues concerning Health Care in Ontario that I want to introduce. The first issue is the amount of money required to pay for an ambulance. One calls for an ambulance in case of any emergency injuries or health attacks and is than later required to pay for calling for HELP. I think that this is very ridiculous. The ambulance should not be used for business and to get money out of people, but made as a free service to the people. An ambulance costs either 45 dollars or 240 dollars depending on if you need treatment on the ambulance. This is also something hard for people to deal with when not being able to afford an ambulance and have to find some other way to get to the hospital in emergencies. The second issue that I would like to introduce is the lack of quick service, organization hospitals tend to have. Their is always that time when their is to little doctors with a lot of emergency patients or a lot of doctors with little amount of emergency patients. This applies to the lack of organization. I had once broken my hand and had to wait 2 hours to be treated because their was only one doctor working in emergency. I think that this is a very important matter and hospitals in Ontario need to change these unorganized habits and find a better way for the patients to being treated.