January Newsletter

Pella High School

Hello Pella Families,

Happy 2021! We start this new year with a new semester. We continue to be thankful for the great enthusiasm and pride from our students and staff. Speaking of “pride”, the staff at Pella High have done some great work in processing our core values. The goal of defining our core values is to continue to strengthen and solidify our foundation. We hope to provide purpose and clarity to what we are teaching, and why. As we work to build our students sense of belonging in school, and connectedness to each other, we will lean on these fundamental values:

Pella P.R.I.D.E.

“PRIDE”: We honor our traditions and are proud of ourselves, our school, and our community

P - Purpose: We discover our voice and pursue our passions

R - Relationships: We foster a sense of belonging that cultivates caring relationships

I - Integrity: We value honesty and good character

D - Determination: We overcome challenges and grow from adversity

E - Excellence: We do our best work individually and as a team

We will be rolling these out to our students this second semester, and processing how we can live them out in our daily lives.

Thank you, and GO DUTCH!!!

Adam Beckel


Derek Schulte

Assistant Principal
Winter Events Guidance

Click here to see current guidance for activities and events

ISASP Testing

This year Pella students will be taking the ISASP testing the week of April 6th. Parents will soon begin receiving information with specifics about the testing and format for each building.

1st Semester Report Cards

Grades for Semester 1 were due Monday, January 4, 2021 by 3:00 p.m. Report cards & Transcripts will be made available on the Infinite Campus parent portal under the “Reports” tab. Reminder: Pella High School no longer calculates class rank, so it will not appear on semester report cards or transcripts.

Winter Formal - CANCELLED

Due to current social distancing guidelines our Winter Formal Dance has been cancelled. We are working with our student council to determine events that may replace the dance.

Senior Ski Trip - CANCELLED

At this time there are no plans to replace this event.

HS Conferences (Monday, Feb. 8th from 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.)

Our second semester conferences are approaching quickly. We plan to utilize the same VIRTUAL format for these sessions as we did in November. As we get closer to the date you will receive directions and information on how to sign up for conference times.

Excellence in Electives (Education)

(Tentitively Scheduled for March 4th - details to come)

Excellence in Education Electives is a way for students to highlight the various experiences they gain by taking courses here at Pella High. Our goals are to celebrate the many great things happening in the walls of Pella High School, as well to expose students to the opportunities available to them. This event is tentatively planned due to the social nature of the event. If social distancing restrictions are not lifted or relaxed by this date we will need to adjust.

Junior Attendance & Decorum

Junior attendance and discipline will be reviewed this spring to determine if open campus privileges will be granted to students when they become seniors. A student must have established positive track records before the school will grant senior release next fall. Parent/Guardian permission must also be given before a student will receive senior release. Parents/Guardians will be able to grant or deny permission during online registration starting March 1.

Course Registration

Course registration for the 2021-22 school year will be in late January and early February through the Infinite Campus student portal. Accurate course registration is very important, as it impacts course offerings and staffing for the next school year. The counselors have been meeting with students to plan their course selections. Please review the four-year plan with your students on their Academic Planner on IC. If there are questions, please contact one of the school counselors, Mrs. Manning or Mrs. Thompson.

Have you moved? Do you have a new phone number or a new email address?

Parents can conveniently change their email, address, phone number, and child's emergency contact information on Campus Parent all under the MORE tab. Please see below for specific instructions:

  • MORE > ADDRESS INFORMATION - Update your household's address and primary phone number.

  • MORE > DEMOGRAPHICS - Update your child's emergency contacts.

  • MORE > FAMILY INFORMATION - Update parent and child phone numbers, email addresses, relationships, and contact sequence.

Requests for changes in your data won't happen immediately as the request waits in a queue for approval by the Pella Schools staff.

Questions about changing your information can be directed to Allissa Grandia by email at allissa.grandia@pellaschools.org.

School Calendar

Semester Two

January 13: Professional Development: 90-Minute Early Dismissal

January 20: Professional Development: 90-Minute Early Dismissal

January 20: 8th Grade Orientation

January 26: 3-week grades are due

January 27: Professional Development: 90-Minute Early Dismissal

February 1: No School - Professional Development

February 8: HS P/T Conferences 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. / Excellence in Electives

February 10: Professional Development: 90-Minute Early Dismissal

February 16: 2 Hour Early Dismissal

February 16: 6-week grades are due

February 18: 2 Hour Early Dismissal

February 19: No School

February 24: Professional Development: 90-Minute Early Dismissal

March 3: Professional Development: 90-Minute Early Dismissal

March 4: HS P/T Conferences 4:30 - 8:00 (Format Pending)

March 9: 9-week grades are due

March 10: Professional Development: 90-Minute Early Dismissal

March 12: End 3rd Quarter

March 15-21: Spring Break

March 22: Begin 4th Quarter

March 24: Professional Development: 90-Minute Early Dismissal

April 2: No School

April 6-10: Iowa Assessment Week

April 6: 12-week grades due

April 7: Professional Development: 90-Minute Early Dismissal

April 14: Professional Development: 90-Minute Early Dismissal

April 17: Junior/Senior Prom (Format Pending)

April 21: Professional Development: 90-Minute Early Dismissal

April 27: 15-week grades are due

April 28: Professional Development: 90-Minute Early Dismissal

May 6: Tulip Time - 11:15 Dismissal

May 7: Tulip Time - 11:15 Dismissal

May 12: Senior Awards Night (Format Pending)

May 12: Professional Development: 90-Minute Early Dismissal

May 12-14: Seniors Check out and Laptop Return

May 14: Seniors Last Day

May 21: Graduation

May 19-21 9th -11th : Semester Assessment, Laptop Return, & Student Check-Out

May 21: Last Day of School - 90-Minute Early Dismissal

May 24: Final grades are due