Our Week Ahead

October 10-14

Table of Contents

  • Quick Look Ahead
  • First Lockdown Drill is This Month
  • Fire Safety Contest- 3rd Grade added GIS option
  • Photos
  • Resources

Quick Look Ahead

  • Monday - Circle of Courage Drumming - 10:15ish (outside, weather dependent)
  • Thursday - Lockdown - 10:00
  • Thursday - Teacher PD check the coverage calendar, please
  • Friday - Schedule Here

Use of Student Initials in Emails

Hi Everyone,

Please remember to use student initials in emails. If you believe the person reading your email is unsure who you are writing about, it's OK to use the first two letters of their first and last name or grade level.

Important Google Form

A form about EST, the budget, and problem-solving.

First Lock Down Drill is This Month- 10/13 @ 10 AM


During a lockdown:

  • Move out of the line of sight of the doorway and windows
  • Maintain silence
  • Turn off cell phones
  • Lock classroom door(s)
  • Turn lights off
  • Do not open the door (even if someone knocks and says PD or Fire) An officer or firefighter will have a key to open doors.
  • Take roll, account for students (if safe to do so)

Suggested Classroom Activity:

Start with a classroom discussion or question and answer session in which the teacher explains what a Lockdown Drill is and under what circumstances a Lockdown might be used.

Discussion points could include:

  • Lockdown means locking classroom doors and other access points to keep students safe
  • Moving everyone to a location in the classroom that is out of the line of sight of windows and doorways.
  • Having everyone remain silent.

Fire Safety Contest- 3rd Grade

Fire Prevention Week is October 9th through October 15th, 2022.

If other grades want to make a photo, I'll create calendars for our families with photos.

Fire Prevention Topics

· Cover – Various Fire Safety Topics – Be Creative

· January – How and When to Call 9-1-1

· February - Residential Fire Sprinkler Protection

· March - Kitchen & Cooking Safety

· April - Prevention of Grass and Brush Fires

· May - Electrical Safety

· June - Home Escape Planning / Have Two Ways Out

· July - Fireworks Safety

· August - Stop, Drop & Roll

· September - Firefighters Are Heroes; Don't Fear Firefighters in Gear

· October - Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Home Heating Safety

· November - Smoke Detectors (Maintenance & Replacement)

· December - Safe Use of Candles & Holiday Safety

I will mail the drawings out; please leave them in my mailbox.


Don't forget that Cathie made a place for you to put pictures you take.



Data Reflection Worksheet

Please make a copy for your use.