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Back to School Edition - August 21, 2020


Dear NACP Students and Families,

I would like to give you a warm welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year! 💗 I will be sending out a bi-weekly newsletter with updates and celebrations to keep you informed of all of NACP’s happenings. I hope you enjoy the outpouring of good news!

I want to begin by highlighting our team of amazing teachers, support staff and administrators and the hard work they been doing. Everyone in our team has worked diligently all summer to plan for this new school year. A year that due to the global pandemic will be as no other and planning for it has taken several months and many late nights! Despite facing a few road blocks along the way, we are confident that it will be a wonderful year for each and everyone of our students. We appreciate your continued support and patience. We are living in uncertain times and like everyone around us are trying our best to make the most of the situation.

In every decision we make we keep the best interest of our kids in mind. From the materials we select for instruction, the programs and curriculum we adopt, the lessons teachers plan to deliver, as well as the time we spent planning. I can tell you that many of us (administrators and teachers) wake up, go to sleep and even dream about every detail needed to create and select the best learning tools and methods for our kids.

Our teachers, instructional assistants and administrators participated in Professional Development with the iDEAL Institute at Loyola Marymount University. This Professional Development focused on the latest Distance Learning developments and are ready to integrate what they’ve learned in their daily Zoom Instruction and Google Classroom assignments. Daily instruction will follow the NEW Academy School’s Plan which meet or exceed the guidelines set by LAUSD’s and the state of California.

Below I will share a few highlights and celebrations in addition to information that I think is useful for everyone. I will also Take a minute to introduce myself for those who may not know me. I will highlight other staff in upcoming issues.

Sincerely Yours,

-Dr. Guerrero

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Beautiful Home Study Packets to Kick Start the School Year

Our Distance Learning Plan kicked off this week with our Home Study Packs. These packs consisted of a welcome letter from the classroom Teacher and Principal,, Colorful Workbooks or Paper Packets (if the grade level was affected by the United States Post Services delay), journals, Pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, highlighters, teacher made “white boards”, dry erase markers, name practice sheets, flash cards, word lists, multiplication tables, and so much more. Our teachers thought of everything to make our students’ learning an amazing experience. We even decided to purchase NACP totes to house all of these materials. 🎒

Teachers have also started reaching out to students and teachers to personally give them a warm NACP welcome! Please make sure to greet them and welcome them warmly as well. 😊

Close to 420 or 93% Home Study Packets/Totes were distributed this week. With today, Friday, bring a make up date! Thank you parents. Also, thank you to all the parents who shared their child’s reaction upon receiving their special totes. If you have pictures, please share them so we can include them in our highlights.

Food Distribution for NACP Students

We are happy to announce that NACP will be serving breakfast and lunch for all of our students this school year. The first day was this Wednesday. Please help us spread the word!

Mrs. Mayer, our School Business Manager, our cafeteria head staff and myself worked together this summer to plan for food distribution for our students. We looked at several models and decided to pilot one plan that has proven successful in many school in Los Angeles County. If we see that in needs to be adjusted for our families we will do so in due time. For now please take note of the current schedule below. Hilda, Gloria, Lola, Judith and Mario will be there to greet you at the front of the school!


Mondays 7:00am to 9:00am

You will receive breakfast and lunch for each of your children for Monday and Tuesday

Wednesdays 7:00am to 9:00am

You will receive breakfast and lunch for each of your children for Wednesday and Thursday

Fridays 7:00am to 9:00am

You will receive breakfast and lunch for each of your children for Friday

*You will need to provide your child’s name and it will be checked against a roster.

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Online Distance Learning

Another project we’ve been working on since April of last year is getting One to One Devices for each of our almost 500 students! I am happy to report that the N.E.W. Academy School Board approved this project along with the purchase of Internet Hotspots! We ordered Chromebooks, NACP branded Laptop Backpacks and hotspots to have available on loan for each of our students who need them.

On advice from our Academic Specialist and in following our Approved Distance Learning plan these devices will not be available to families until they arrive at our campus. The projected date is in late August or early September.

As you might imagine, everyone wants to get their hands on new Chromebooks due to everyone being on distance learning. We’ve had to jump many hoops to get some for our school! We will inform you once they are all in, please note that we might have start the school year by assigning one device per family. So far we have 130 out of the 500 devices at NACP. We also have the devices we used this past Spring, which we might need to resort to as well. Then switch out once the new Chromebooks arrive and are set up.

In the meantime teachers have been busy planning Engaging lessons for students in addition to planning and recording videos to teach students and parents how to navigate all of our online learning platforms. We will use Zoom, Google Classroom, Learning A-Z, Stemscopes, ESGI, Raz Kids, FOSS Science, Accelerated Reader, to make a few. Returning students are familiar with all or most of these learning platforms.

Teachers will have set number of minutes to teach live lessons via Zoom as well as assigned number of minutes each day for students to continue the learning independently. Artists in the Classroom will deliver weekly lessons as they had been doing last school year.

I’ve included a table with the State Instructional Minutes Required by grade level. We will share more details in the next few days and even more closer to launch day!

*Chromebook picture might not be exact model ordered

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I love being an educator and especially enjoy being the Principal at NACP! I have worked in and educational setting since 1997. Being a teacher and a principal has been a real treat. Neither one is easy, it takes hard work dedication and passion. I really do believe that kids deserve the best every single day no matter what. I encourage everyone around me to do the same and to give their very best every single day. Last Year we instituted the motto: “One School. One Goal. Students First!” as a reminder of this commitment. You can often find me working late into the day and have taken on many roles, sometimes at once since joining NACP in 2017. Here’s a little more about me that I think you’ll enjoy.

  • Name: Dr. Clara M. Guerrero
  • Family: Husband, 4 Children- 3 are in college and 1 is a senior in high school, Mom, Dad+ 06/17/20, 1 Sister, 1 Brother, 2 Nieces and 3 Nephews (on my side of the family)
  • Pets: Two Doggies, Coco and Sonic
  • Favorite Colors: Black and Turquoise
  • Favorite Food: Tacos Dorados de Papa and anything chocolate
  • Favorite Children’s Books: Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse and A Bad Case of Stripes
  • Favorite Flower: Garden Roses
  • Favorite Movies: Frozen, Coco, Anything with the Avengers, Star Wars
  • Favorite Music/Artists: Quiet Music, Enanitos Verdes, Natalia LaFourcade, Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Favorite Pastimes: Spending time with family, baking, cooking, reading
  • Universities Attended and Degrees: California State University, Northridge Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies, Minor Degree in ESL, CA Teaching Credential; California Lutheran University for Masters Degree in Educational Leadership, Administrative Credential, Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership- Dissertation focused on Parent Engagement and Dual Language Immersion
  • Years in Education: 23.5 years- 3.5 years as a school administrator, 1 as a university professor, 15 as a teacher, 1 as an instructional coach, 3 as an instructional assistant. Out of those 23.5 years I helped mentor student teachers and new teachers for 14 years.

Inspirational Video

Be A Champion for a Child Today

I hope you enjoy watching this video, it is a favorite of both Ms. De Revere and I. We make sure to share with our staff every year at the beginning of the school year.

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