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From the Principal's Desk

Hello Glen Grove Families,

I have two important items I’d like to share with you, so please note the following:


We only have a little over a week of school left, and I think we would all agree that the end of this particular school year looks like one that not a single one of us could have

imagined. Having said that, we want to be sure that we end it by celebrating our school

year – as atypical as it was - the time we’ve had together, the learning that our students

engaged in, and the connections we’ve made – whether under the Glen Grove roof or in

our virtual school community.

To help us put closure to this unprecedented and challenging, yet also successful on so

many levels - school year, we would like to maintain our tradition of a “last-day-of-school”

assembly, only this year, we will have a virtual celebration!

Because Zoom restricts the number of participants that can join any single “meeting,” we

have planned grade level Zoom “assemblies” to take place on the last day of school.

Please put these in your calendars and support your child in joining us. Teachers will

share the Zoom information with students in their E-Learning plan for the week.

As with so much of what’s been happening in our world, the silver linings keep emerging,

and here is one for you, families: Under normal circumstances, we would not have been

able to invite families to this assembly because of the space limitations in our gym. In this

virtual reality, however, please feel free to sit at your child’s side and be part of our

celebration, if you can! Our grade level assemblies will occur on Tuesday, June 2, 2020

at the following times:

9 am – 3rd Grade Explorers Assembly

10 am – 4th Grade Kaleidoscope Assembly

11 am – 5th Grade Voyager Assembly

2. PARENT SUPPLY & YEARBOOK PICK-UP @ GLEN GROVE - Although our District has

put out general communication about this, please review these details that pertain

specifically to Glen Grove:

  • Glen Grove Supply Pick-Up Day will take place on June 9, 2020 from 8am to 2pm.
  • Cars should drive into the WEST circular drive (where parent pick-up and drop-off normally occur) pull up as far as you can, and pop your trunk or hatch open.
  • Make sure you have cleared out your trunk leaving enough room into which we can place your child’s belongings.
  • Make sure that you have a sign taped to the passenger side window with BOTH your child’s last name AND his/her teacher’s names.

If you have multiple children at Glen Grove, be sure to include this same information

for each child.

  • Volunteers will be retrieving your child’s items and placing them in your trunk.
  • If you ordered a YEARBOOK, your child’s yearbook WILL be included in the bag of personal belongings we’ll be bringing out to you.
  • Getting artwork back to our 5th graders will also be a priority, so Ms. Hausman will be on hand distributing pieces to our departing, amazing, 5th grade artists.
  • If your child still has books checked out from our LRC, we would LOVE for you to bring those on June 9th. Place the LRC books into a bag and leave the bag in your trunk.
  • We will exchange our bag for your bag when you drive through.

Some important additional information to note:

  • Unfortunately, if this date does not work out for your family, we will not be able to make individual arrangements for supply pick-up and drop-off. Please know that the belongings of the students that could not make it in on the scheduled date will be kept safe, and we will offer additional opportunities for pick-up later in the summer.
  • Please feel free to send a friend or relative to retrieve your child’s belongings, if you can’t make it. Have them follow the guidelines above, prominently displaying your child’s last name and teacher’s name in the passenger side of their vehicle.
  • We will not allow anyone into the building, so if your child has left something that has become part of our “lost and found” bins, you will need to wait until our building is back open – hopefully for the start of the new school year (!!!!) before looking for and retrieving those items.

- We aim to limit contact as much as possible.
- Volunteers will be wearing masks at all times.
- We ask that you keep your car windows rolled up, but if you do need to roll down your window to speak to a volunteer, please, wear a mask.

Stay well, and with warmest regards,

Helena Vena

News from the LRC

Overdue Library Books

Starting next week families will begin to get emails showing all of the books that students have checked out. Please locate all the overdue books and have them gathered up in a plastic bag to return on June 9th, when families are asked to come to school to pick up student belongings. Place them in the trunk of your car and when driving up, a staff member will take the bag of library books out of the trunk.

Please note, that books will sit for a few weeks, then be sanitized, and then be checked in, so there will be a delay between returning books and updates to students’ library accounts.

We are also aware that some library books that are checked out to students may be in the classroom and will be returned and checked in as well at a later date.

Remember to Complete Online Registration for 2020-2021!

To make the registration process as easy as possible for you while protecting the safety and health of staff and families, District 34 has:

  • Updated our registration procedures
  • Extended the early bird discount deadline to June 30, 2020
  • Increased resources to help you with registration and residency

See all the details here, and register through PowerSchool today.

Mandatory Health Forms For 2020-2021 Incoming 6th Graders

Please remember that all incoming 6th grade students MUST have a physical examination (within the last 12 months), including required vaccinations, turned in prior to August 19,2020. Your child will NOT be able to start school until the physical form is turned in. If your child’s health forms are already complete, you scan can and email them to They will be forwarded to your child’s middle school with their health file. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Hastings, Health Coordinator, at Click here for the health exam form. If your child needs to have medication at school we need to have an updated form on file for the 2020-2021 school. Please click here for the Authorization And Permission For Administration Of Medication.

Medication Pick Up

Medication pickup will take place at the mobile classrooms behind Westbrook (in the parking lot between Westbrook and the District Center) on the following days from 8am-11am and 12pm-3pm:

  • June 1: Springman and Attea
  • June 2: Westbrook, Henking, Lyon
  • June 3: Pleasant Ridge, Hoffman, Glen Grove
  • June 4: All buildings by appointment (if necessary)

Please respond to the district email that was sent out. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Hastings at


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