MacBook Troubleshooting Tips

FAQ and Frequent Problems

Below are some FAQ's and problems students have had with MacBooks. Please check out these tips and see if you can find answers to your problem. If not, see Mrs. McCain in the library for help submitting a service request ticket from our technical support team, Switchdesk.

FAQ #1: My MacBook Won't Let me Log In at Home

  • Make sure your caps lock button is OFF. Passwords are case sensitive! Try a fresh restart and then retype your password with the caps button off.
  • You may see the pictures displayed below when you are trying to log on at home. That's normal! Your computer will still work at home even though it cannot find the school 'network' (picture 1 & 2)
  • When you are at school, if you will wait until the message saying "Network accounts are unavailable" pops away (usually just a few seconds after turning on), it will make a better connection to the network.
  • Your student portal Icon on your desktop probably won't work right at home because it runs off the school's network However you can still access INow and Canvas through the school's website. Links are at the bottom of this page.
  • If all else fails and it is the weekend, try coming to school and sitting in the parking lot where you can access the school's WiFi network. Start with a fresh restart and try logging in on campus.

FAQ #2: I'm having trouble with a lot of my programs.

  • How often are you restarting your MacBook? You need to restart it fresh every morning when you get to school. If you see a question mark in your dock on the bottom right of your screen, that means you are not logged into the school network properly.
  • Also when you restart or shut down your computer, make sure that you uncheck the box next to the statement "Reopen windows when logging back in" (See picture below). This will allow your MacBook to receive the necessary updates to keep it working properly.
Big image

FAQ #3: I've lost my charger and/or bag or it has been stolen

  • You are responsible for keeping your computer charged and part of that is being responsible for your charger also. New chargers can be purchased through the school with either Mrs. McCain or Mrs. Tedford for $80.00. You may can find a replacement charger for a lower price online - check out or Chargers for your computer need to be Apple Chargers specifically for a MacBook Air computer. However, buyer beware if you buy a used charger online.
  • You will need to show your bag and charger at the end of the year to prove you still have them as they are property of Athens City Schools, even if you had to buy a replacement. If you are a senior, you will turn it in at the end of the year or be assessed fees that must be paid before graduation.

FAQ #4: The assignments I am submitting to my teacher are blank when the teacher receives them.

  • More than likely you are saving them as a download rather than in your network folder or on your desktop and the changes you make to the document are not saved and uploaded properly.
  • Try creating a folder on your desktop for each class you have. When you download an assignment from Canvas or another source, make sure you drag it and drop it in your class folder on your desktop. Open it from there to complete the assignment and save it under a new name. Then when you upload your submission, choose the assignment with the new name. This also helps you keep your work organized!

FAQ #5: My Wifi isn't connected to the Internet

Sometimes the Wifi Connection gets lost. Click on the rainbow wifi at the top of the screen. Unconnect by clicking "Turn WiFi Off" and reconnect by clicking the ACS-Students. NEVER try to connect to any other WIFI option while at school. If you try to connect to the ACS-Guest WIFI it will cause your Macbook to have serious connection issues requiring a ticket to Switchdesk.

Some Helpful Links

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