Whose woods? Penn's Woods

Pennsylvania was founded in 1682. The founding father was William Penn and the Quakers. The Colony was actually named after William Penn's father, Admiral Sir Penn. The King of England owed William Penn 16,000 Pounds which his father lent the King. William Penn asked the King to grant him a Charter between Lord Baltimore providence of Maryland and the duke of Yorks, New York. They called that land Penn's woods.

Quake your way over here... to Penn's Woods

We where founded by William Penn and the Quakers, in 1682. The biggest reason we came to this world was to have to have religious freedom for us Quakers. Also for trade and profits. We are actually often called as the breadbasket colony because we grow so many crops, especially wheat. We send the wheat into flour meals and send the flour to England. A typical farm is about 50 to 150 acres with a house, barn, yard and fields. Come join us we have great opportunity for anyone who comes over to Pennsylvania.