Drumming to success.

Trying to become a successful man doing what I love.

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I don't think that my journey to my dream will be easy, but I know that hard work will get me there. I want to take my passion of drumming and show it to the world. Also I wanna become wealthy while doing it. The reason I want to become wealthy and rich is because I've grown up with a family that's worked hard their whole life. And I would like to give them a big house and luxurious things to she them my appreciation. Also , I plan raising a family of my own. And I want to be able to give them everything they need so they can live a happy life. And i know I can make all of this possible , its just going to take hard work and passion.

My motivation.

"Tell the young high school kids keep dreamin', because they sure do come true"

"I've been down, but i'm up right now." - Drake"

"Hard work gets you there" - Personal quote

Why I chose these quotes.

I chose these quotes because they all reflect to me. I dream big, knowing it can and will become true. And there has been times where I worked hard and got knocked over to rock bottom, where I thought I was over. But I'm here now. And I keep working hard because you cannot accomplish anything if you do not work hard.


OB OBrien Feat Drake - Scheming Up (Final Clean Edit By @iJamiee_ )

Why I chose this song.

I chose this song ,because I think It really reflects into what I want in life. I want to dream big and accomplish what I want. And in the song, drake says dreams can come true. And i believe that as well.