Megan Brunskill

General Information

Symbol- Kr      Group 18    Period 4    Chemical Family- Noble gases   Protons- 36  Electrons- 36    Neutrons- 48

Physical Properties

State at room temperature- gas  Color- No color. But as a solid krypton is white and crystalline.      Luster- No luster     Malleable? No    Ductile? No     Density- 0.003733 grams per cubic centimeter.     Conuctor of heat/electricity? No     Melting Point: -251.27 F       Boiling Point: -244.147 F      Hardness- None      Flame Test Color? Blue


The name krypton is derived from a Greek word "kryptos", which means 'hidden'!

Bohr Diagram

First Energy Level: 2       Second Energy Level: 8      Third Energy Level: 18               Fourth Energy Level: 8