Year 3 Weekly Update - Week 4B

The girls have made a great start to Term 3 and are to be commended. They are all ready to enjoy a well-deserved long weekend half-term break. We hope you have a lovely time together and get to spend some well-earned quality time as a family.

Learning Intentions

  • Identify angles as measures of turn and compare angle sizes in everyday situations
  • Use geometry related vocabulary including: acute, obtuse, right and straight angle, parallel and perpendicular lines, rotated, reflected and translated figures.


  • Use comprehension strategies to evaluate information texts.


  • Working in group to research information about buildings and structures.

Events Happening Next week

  • There is no school on Friday 21st August or Monday 24th August due to the mid-term break.
  • Tuesday 25th August is Junior School Book Day Celebrations. The girls are invited to come to school wearing a book character costume. We have discussed this event in class in great detail. There will also be the opportunity to purchase some donated books, so please bring in some gold coins. As part of Book Day, we will be walking to the Peppermint Grove Library (from 10.45 -12.00pm) where a visiting author, Jen Banyard, will be reading to the girls. If it is raining please make sure your daughter has a rain coat to wear.
  • Wednesday 26th August is the Grandparent or Special Friends Day. Please send your daughter with a plate of food to share. This food will be the guest's morning tea.
  • Friday 28th August is the Junior School Arts Day.

100 Years of PLC Party

We all had a fantastic time at the PLC Party on Tuesday afternoon. A big thank you to Beth Blackwood for allowing us to celebrate this special occasion and to Kerryn Loughnan, the Centenary Co-ordinator, who worked very hard to make it a really memorable event. There were two bouncy castles, fairy bread, face paint, cupcake decorating, a photo booth, a silent disco, ice-creams and even a petting farm!

Parent Volunteers

Last Tuesday we had 8 parents come in to share their expertise about topics related to our unit of inquiry. The parents did an amazing job and really inspired the girls and we are sure they told you all about their morning. A huge thank you to the parents for giving up theit rime and making learning so much fun!

Book Recommendation

We came across this book review about a book that helps puts children to sleep. It seems too good not to share it with you!

Tissue Boxes

The girls have used all the tissues that were brought into school in January. We would appreciate it if you can send in 2 more boxes to last until the end of the year.

Head Lice

Just letting you know that we have had a few recent cases of head lice in Year 3.
We hope the girls have a safe and happy break.

Thank you for your continued support

Katy and Amy