Wrightsville Beach AIG Newsletter

December 2012


K – 2 Nurturing

The Gifted Specialist will visit classrooms, and teach higher level skills to the whole class. K-2 nurturing classes will begin in November, and at that time the “HOT Seats” will also be created for each classroom on the K-2 level.

3-5 Gifted Services

Students who are identified in the AIG program are participating in pull-out sessions by the Gifted Specialist. Some push-in will also begin in some classrooms.

AIG Enrichment Academies have begun and our upcoming academy is ORIGAMI which began on November 30th. Students were given the opportunity to choose which ones they would like to participate in, and understand they may not be participating every month.

If you would like to volunteer to assist with an Academy, please let me know. katherine.kochakji@nhcs.net

If you prefer to receive a printed copy of the newsletter, please let me know.

Upcoming News and Events!

All 4th and 5th grade AIG students should bring a composition notebook to AIG class on their reading day.

4th and 5th Grade AIG.......A Few Reminders

4th Grade

If anyone has any candy canes they would like to donate for Candy Cane math stations next week, please let me know or just send them in with your child. I'm looking for all sizes and kinds.

American Revolution

Flags of the American Revolution


Students will research a type of flag from the Revolution, and then replicate the flag. On the flag: group, reason behind the design, battles where it was flown – any other interesting info. More info will be presented in class. Students will have the opportunity to research the various flags in class on Wednesday and Thursday. DUE: December 12 and 13. Please bring your flag to class on the 12th or 13th. http://www.foundingfathers.info/American-flag/Revolution.html

My Brother Sam is Dead

Read chapters 6-9 ~ watch for question post on EDMODO

5th Grade

Students working on "The Who" Project ~ work on this during the week, and have fun with it! I can't wait to see what you have created on Monday and Tuesday. Please have them ready to turn in on your class day next week.

Civil War

Do not forget to respond on EDMODO to the advantages and disadvantages of the Civil War. Most of you have, but there are still a few people who haven't responded.


WBS Parent Advisory (WAPA)

Our next meeting will be held on Friday, December 7th at 8:15

New Hanover County Gifted Advisory Council

Thank you to Beth Johnson for volunteering to represent WBS at the NHC Gifted Advisory Council for Gifted Students.

The NHCS Gifted Advisory Council asks each school to select a liaison to attend the monthly GAC meetings. The liaison’s responsibilities include: monthly meeting attendance and reporting notes and relevant issues to the school. The meeting schedule is listed below. All meetings will be located at the Spencer Board building. A liaison can be a teacher, parent, or community member. The job of liaison may be shared by 2 people at the school, and attendance at the meetings can be alternated.

Tuesday, September 11th @ 6:00, Tuesday, October 9th @ 6:00
Tuesday, November 13th @ 6:00, Tuesday, January 8th @ 6:00
Tuesday, February 12th @ 6:00
Tuesday, March 12th @ 6:00

Interesting Sites for Kids

Answer Questions to end World Hunger


World Book






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