Principal Update

August 23rd, 2013

Bb Update - SUPER important

Blackboard is UP and your classroom is uploaded. This means that your parents CAN access your page and that we need to begin building our content. NEXT WEEK AT MEET THE TEACHER YOU MUST SHARE THAT BLACKBOARD IS NOW AVAILABLE. WHAT CONTENT YOU HAVE READY IS UP TO YOU, OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE BUILDING THIS AND NEED MORE TIME, SO TRY FOR SOMETHING TO BE POSTED. We will discuss the many cool uses of Bb with kids, staff, etc. on Sept. 13th during our PD half day (1PM). PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask for help, we are all new to this system and its ok. Kesteloot, Foegley, Gibson, and myself (others let me know) have used Bb for our university study, so ask for help!

Adding Content to my Bb

Bb Discussion Groups

As you set up your content on Bb you will notice that there are several new discussion topics. You should see an HSE 21 and Cultural Competency Discussion. Try clicking on them, try to add a comment by "creating a thread" within the discussion. We will continue to learn more about discussions on Sept. 13th.

PTO Needs Your Help!!!!

PTO would like to request Staff/Teacher Volunteers for donations for their Silent Auction to the Back to School Bash. Those willing to donate can email their donation directly to by Monday, August 26th.

The BTSB date is tentatively set for Friday, Sept 13th however that date is not firm.

Last year these were some of the auction items…

- Tye-Die Party with a teacher

- Basketball Game with teachers

- Bowling and Pizza with a teacher

- Sundaes and Lunch with a teacher

- Ice Cream at the Park with a teacher

- Lego Crafts with the Principal

Guided Math Resources for BSE

The following staff are here to assist you with new information and resources for guided math. We will spend a great deal of time on the half day PD, October 4th, for a formal learning session. In the mean time hit these resources and remember what Dr. Nicki says: "You have to defend your answer in guided math!"














Guided Math with Dr. Nicki - Why Do Guided Math?

Pink and Blue Forms - Staff Directory

Please turn in all pink and blue forms - Certified and Non-Certified

to Teresa Johnson ASAP.

Lucy...found by Mrs. Worrall...take a look.

Being a Good Writer: Writing tips and strategies from Lucy Calkins

Leveled Library Teacher Rep WANTED

I am seeking a leveled library rep in the form of a teacher to direct the leveled library in place of Kelly-Cooper. If you are interested please let me know!

Discipline Procedures:

Today has proven that the “honeymoon” is soon coming to an end. If and when you have a student who commits a MAJOR offense they must be sent to me and use the form (attached to an email sent today) to communicate the issue. Notice on the same form that minor behaviors, repeated over time, are also sent to me. If and when a referral is used, do NOT speak to me about the incident in front of the child. Feel free to give me details after the child has been placed in a safe quiet room (timeout room) to reflect in writing about their actions. New folks feel free to ask for more detail or if you have questions.