2020 Beyond The Notes Music Fest!

Festival Update: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween!

I hope the first quarter of the school year is off to a great start. Can you believe it is already Halloween? (The snow was a bonus!)

The purpose of this newsletter is to update you on important information regarding this year's festival. In this newsletter you will find information about:

  • Clinician Information
  • Final Registration Process and Deadlines
  • Website Updates
  • New Convention Center Information
  • Breakfast Now Offered
  • Overnight Accommodation Information and Registration

Clinician Information

We have an amazing line-up of clinicians for this year's festival! To read more about them please visit the Beyond The Notes Website: https://www.btnmusicfestival.com/ Here is a list of who is coming!

Choir Clinicians

Miriam Altman - University School Milwaukee, WI

Margaret Jenks - Madison Unified School District

Randy Swiggum - Madison Youth Choirs and much more

Orchestra Clinicians

Erin Barnard - Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras

Leyla Sanyer - Retired, Oregon, WI

Randy Swiggum - Madison, WI

Band Clinicians

Michael Scott Butler - UW-Stevens Point

Glenn Hayes - UW-Whitewater

Wendy Higdon - Creekside Middle School, Carmel, IN

Rachel Maxwell - Traughber Junior High School, Oswego, IL

Phil Ostrander - UW-Eau Claire

Corey Pompey - UW-Madison

Patty Schlafer - Mount Horeb, WI

John Stewart - UW-Eau Claire

Scott Teeple - UW-Madison

Matt Temple - New Trier High School, Winnetka, IL

Percussion Clinicians

Ken Paris - Retired, Sun Prairie, WI

Cindy Terhune - Terhune Music Studio, Sun Prairie, WI

Final Registration Process and Deadlines

This year I will be collecting all final registration materials at one time. The deadline is April 1, 2020 for all registration materials. What does this include?

  • Group photo of your ensemble
  • PDF's of the scores you plan to perform
  • Activity choice (waterpark or adventure park)
  • Meal choice (lunch and breakfast options)
  • Shirt orders
  • Hotel rooms

Payment will need to be postmarked by April 22, 2020

BTN Website Updated

The Beyond The Notes Festival website is now updated with 2020 festival information. You will find:

  • Link to the festival schedule
  • Festival FAQs
  • Critique Forms
  • Resort and Convention Center Maps
  • Festival YouTube Link
  • Clinician Information
  • Previous Newsletters
  • 2019 Festival Archives

New Convention Center Is Stunning!

Recently we took a tour of the new convention center space. The facilities are very impressive! For those who have attended the festival in the past we will make a few changes given the new format and layout. For example:

  • Each group has been assigned a homeroom (see the schedule below your group's name). This space will serve as a meeting place and a secure spot to put cases and belongings. However, you will not be able to warm-up in this space this year. Rather, you will be provided time in one of the designated warm-up rooms.
  • The location for the bus loading and unloading has increased in size. This will make the check-in process even more efficient.
  • The hallways are wider and more accommodating to large groups.
  • The lighting and sound systems are state-of-the-art!
  • And much more!

Breakfast Now Offered

With more groups performing early in the morning and a number of groups staying the night, we have decided to create a breakfast option. The breakfast will be served in the same location as the pizza later in the day. The breakfast will be scrambled eggs with breakfast potatoes and sausage links. Water and orange juice. Cold cereal and milk can be substituted for the eggs if a student is allergic or doesn't like eggs. The price for this buffet is $10 per student. Schools can register for this option on the final registration form due April 1st.

The Kalahari also has new coffee shops located in the convention center. These shops will have muffins, yogurt, fruit and other smaller breakfast type items available for purchase.

Overnight Accommodation Information and Registration

For those groups planning to stay the night, thank you for your patience! I've been working to make this process as smooth as possible for you. (Hopefully that happens!) Here's the scoop:

How Much Are The Rooms?

The rooms are $108 per room (quad occupancy). You cannot have more than four individuals in a room without a fee being assessed. Four or less is just fine. : ) The resort fee has been waived and no sales tax will be assessed IF you live in Wisconsin. If you are from out-of-state, sales tax will apply.

Are Waterpark Passes Included With The Room?

Yes, waterpark passes are included at no extra charge, however these passes cannot be swapped or exchanged for adventure park passes. Staying overnight does not allow your students to select a waterpark pass versus the Adventure Park pass. However, students can still order an adventure park pass for an additional fee during the registration process. Keep in mind that students can enter the adventure park without a pass and pay for rides and games individually if they wish. The other benefit is that your students can go to the waterpark two days rather than just one day!

When Do We Need To Submit Our Room Lists?

Room lists including student and adult names are due on April 1st along with your other registration materials. However, you will need to let me know your room need estimate by November 15, 2019 using the form below.

How Will Rooms Be Assigned?

Once I have all of the specific room lists from each school I will work with the Kalahari to create a map of student and adult locations. I will try to request male rooms on one floor and female on a different floor.

Will There Be A Security Guard To Watch Our Rooms?

Yes! I want to make sure that you and your chaperones get some much needed rest. Hiring security guards is not free, however I am willing to front some of the cost to make it cheaper for all of you. Each school should plan to pay $120. Sound ok? (The Kalahari typically charges $40 per hour per guard). My thought is that I would hire one guard per floor and have them start at 10 pm and finish at 6 am. That's eight hours of sleep for you (hopefully!).

How Do Meals Work When Staying Overnight?

Meals are not included in your room cost, however you can register for the pizza lunch or dinner ($9) as well as the new breakfast option ($10). You will be able to register for these options when completing the final registration on April 1. The Kalahari will not allow you to bring food into the convention center, however you are able to have food in your hotel rooms. Keep in mind also, that there are fast food places to eat in the Adventure Park as well as the waterpark. If you are willing to leave the resort you will find Pizza Ranch, Jimmy Johns, Qdoba, MACS, Unos, and Culvers close by.

How Do I Officially Register My Group To Stay Overnight?

In order to officially reserve guest rooms for your ensemble please fill out this form ASAP, but before November 15. The form will ask you estimate the total number of hotel rooms you will need. Don't worry if this number changes slightly before April 1st. The goal is to get an estimate to help the Kalahari to prepare.


So What Are The Costs Again?

Hotel Room = $108 (quad occupancy means $27 per student)

Pizza Cost = $9 per student (optional)

Breakfast Cost = $10 per student (optional)

Total = $46 per student with breakfast and lunch/dinner

Other Costs To Keep In Mind:

  • Security Guard Fee: $120
  • Transportation Bus Fees
  • Other Meals
  • Band Festival Tshirts (anticipating $12 per shirt)