Room 3 News

October 14, 2016


Continuing our Fiction Unit, we read a Fantasy Fiction chapter book called Poppleton (about a pig and his life in the country) and spent two days working on his character traits. We made a character web describing him using the story and pictures from the stories for evidence. Each child wrote an opinion about him and shared it with the class. We then read a Realistic Fiction story called Blackout and focused on who was telling the story (a little boy who's family experienced a power outage) and worked on retelling the story to partners using a story elements retell map.


We worked in our centers groups trouble shooting issues that arose and using our "Ask Me" friends for help. The children did an amazing job of staying on task reading to self, reading to someone, and working on RAZ Kids on their chrome books. The Listening Center was our main problem area with the CD player not always working and a bad plug but the children were patient and kind with one another. We believe we have solved the problems and it is ready to go for next week.


We continued tapping out words to read and spell. I taught them about the C-V-C pattern (consonant-vowel-consonant -- bag) and how to mark our words. I am reinforcing the strategy that when there is one vowel between consonants the vowel says its sound. We took the Unit 2 test on Friday. It will go home in next week's Friday Folder.


We spent a lot of time working on balancing equations. We began by working with the concept that the = sign means "the same as". We used a balance scale and cubes to add/subtract equations to see if both sides of the equal sign balance. For example, 3+3+2 = 10-2. This means, you solve for 3+3+2=8 and then solve for 10-2=8 so both answers are 8 and the equation is equal (same as) or balanced. The pictures below show us working on this. We have to go a step further and solve the equations and use the words true/false. In the example above, the answer is True because 8 is equal to 8. We worked on how knowing our doubles can help us subtract; we put to use the skill of the turn around fact but turning a subtraction sentence into an addition. For example 9-3=6 so 3 + __ =9. Lots of heavy thinking going on here!


This week had the children pick one of their stories to now rewrite to make it better. This will become their "published" piece and one they will share with other friends and our 6th grade buddies. As we are working to fix up our writing by adding more details and author craft moves, we are using an edit checklist to try to remember to add capital letters, punctuation, finger space, and spelling the word wall words correctly. We will continue this next week.


We had our first science lesson with our special science consultant, Mrs. Zriny today. She taught us a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) lesson on using our senses to explore and wonder about the world. (The only sense not used was the sense of taste.)They loved it! We also read our Scholastic News about a fire suit for the future. We worked with text features and did a compare/contrast on the suits they wear today and this robot style future suit. We had a debate about which suit would be better for firefighters. The future suit won the debate. Melanie also did some extra research on the suit and discovered the suit provides extra muscle so they won't get so tired climbing stairs. Thank you, Melanie.

We also began our Unit on BATS by reading a couple nonfiction books. We will learning lots of information that I am sure they will be sharing with you.


This week's sight words: away, come, down, no, will, yes

We went to the LRC on Thursday and checked out books but we will go this coming Monday (our regularly scheduled day) so the children have a short turn around with the books they checked out. If your child wants, he/she can renew the books from Thursday or return them to check out new ones this upcoming Monday.

Friday, October 28th is the PTO sponsored Halloween Dance from 6:30-8:30. I know they are in need of volunteers. The shifts are for a half hour and you can contact Lori Spisak if you are interested in helping. Costumes are welcome but no masks or weapons.

The PTO is selling Meadowview Spirit-wear online for the next 15 days through October 28. You can click on this link to view the items for sale and make your purchases. Each grade level has been assigned a color and First Grade's color is RED. One dollar of each item purchased goes back to our PTO.


Fighting Fires

Daisy the Fire Cow

Bats by Gail Gibbons

Bats -Amazing Animals

Bats in the Library