Learning the Language of Service

The intention is to learn to participate and to serve from certainty of the abundance and the awareness of our shared essence.



We believe that peace as a state of being does not require a set of goals or achievements to be deserved or granted. Peace is in fact our own pure nature taking form in all expressions. This awareness brings a sense of liberation that motivates empathy and a pro-active state of participation. It is in this awareness that we commit to bring forward our collaborations.


Vena-Cava provides strategic consulting and media services to enhance and elevate both the visibility and impact of causes and nonprofit initiatives. Through multidisciplinary teams we develop customized pro-active participation models that engage audiences and strengthen those working to address the humanitarian issues of our time.

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Thriving Skills

We are thrilled to announce all of our upcoming and ongoing Thriving Skills projects. Our mission is to establish connections to create participation in a form that provides service to everyone involved. We are eager to help engage children and families in the process of service, and we hope that you join us in our many adventures!
Thriving Skills at El Capitan Canyon May 1-3

Discover our First Thriving Skills Program at the El Capitan Canyon Campsite in Santa Barbara!

Thriving Skills at the Maya Community June 13-26

Learn about our Thriving Skills Program in Puerto Morelos and our Service trip to the Mayan Community of Ek Balam!

Thriving Skills in Puerto Morelos June 15th-19th

Click here to see an Agenda of our Thriving Skills program taking place in Puerto Morelos!

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