The Diary of Anne Frank


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Peter was born November 8, 1926 and died May 5, 1945. Peter is a shy and lazy boy, he is also very awkward and independent. He has a cat named Moushci and his parents don't approve of it. Peter thought Anne was annoying and obnoxious when he first met her, but when they started to talk they started to like each other. Peter was sent to the sick barracks where he died slowly.

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Theme Paragraph 1

In The Diary of Anne Frank, the theme "courage gets you through the worst" is seen throughout. They show courage when they break the law and go into hiding. "I made up the beds...the way Mr. Frank and Mr. Kraler said. Forgive me. I have to hurry. I've got to go to the other side of town to get some ration books for you." Another time when they showed courage was when they stayed calm when the thief broke in.

Theme Paragraph 2

In The Diary of Anne Frank, the theme "friends and family get you through anything." Is seen throughout. They show this when they let the Van Daans in to stay with them. "This isn't the black market, Mrs. Frank. This is what we call the white market...helping all of the hundreds and hundreds who are hiding out in Amsterdam." Another time when they showed this theme is when Anne and Peter became good friends when in the beginning they hated each other.
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Theme Paragraph 3

A symbol that represents Peter is a turtle because he is very quiet and independent. A turtle is independent and is always hiding in his shell just like Peter hiding in his room. By the end of the book/play he opens up and is more social and starts to talk to Anne more. I think this because when I read the book Peter reminded me of a turtle.

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