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Celebrating your SIZZLING July business!

Back to School.....Back to the Basics!

Summer may be coming to an end soon, but that means one thing for your business... The largest selling season of the year is quickly upon us! For most of us, this means more time to work our business while the kiddos are in school. For others, it may mean working your business for the first time during a Fall/Holiday season! Whether you are a seasoned stylist or brand new, get ready to rock your fall!

August IS YOUR MONTH to be schooled on the basics! With the launch of our amazing new Fall Collection, it is the perfect time to go back to the drawing board and re-ignite your business. The basics are booking, selling and sponsoring. Are you doing all three a little each day, week or month?

Sometimes in our business it's easy to get caught up in all the outside factors that effect our immediate success. Instead of moving our business a little bit farther each day, we start thinking location, timing, age, marital status, financial situations, schedules, etc are the reason we are or are not accomplishing goals. But we all know that none of us are really that different. Not one of us has the perfect situation. We ALL have outside factors pushing against or pulling for our businesses. Take those factors and turn them into positive energy. What does that mean you may be asking? That means taking your vision and tweak it a bit to see the bright side. Instead of complaining that your town is too small, see it as an opportunity to grow and branch out in surrounding areas! Instead of blaming your financial situation as a reason to not "start now", take that motivation to pay off credit card debt and book enough trunk shows to make that payment! Instead of saying "I'm too busy with kids and sports to do any shows right now", take the opportunity to pack a tote and some look books and sell on the go at your son's next soccer game! Whatever your reason for failure has been, take that and turn into what will be. Try it! I DARE YOU!

So get back to the basics. Book trunk shows, sell on the go, and offer this amazing opportunity with everyone you meet! Who could be our next Diamond Director!



Team Promotions

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Rock The Summer Challenge Winners!

Huge Congrats to all 7 of you who stopped at nothing to rock Level 1 Challenge! Those gorgeous NEEYA Earrings will be beautiful on you! Onward and Upward for ALL of us to earn Levels 2-4!

Rebecca Kirkpatrick

LeAndra Morgan

Kristin Mello

Robin Plott

Brooke Ayers

Jessica Thomas

Allison Inman

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Top in Sales

#4 - Allison Inman $1,574

#5 - Jessica Thomas $1,210

#6 - Mandy Dismang $1,026

#7 - Kristin Mello $1,020

#8 - Lesli Reeves $888

#9 - Jackie Romanek $717

#10 - Suzanne Tottenhoff $689

Top in Sponsorship

This Month's Inspirational Quote:

"Luck is not a factor. Hope is not a strategy. Fear is not an option."

~Jessica Herrin, CEO & Founder

Team Gilded LilyDots representing at Hoopla 2013. Make plans to attend next year!

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Happenings this Month:

Team Call:

Beginning next Sunday, August 11th @ 9pmEST, we will kick off our new bi-weekly team call series! Each call will feature a rookie who is rocking it on our team and a seasoned stylist with tips from the top to offer. There will also be a pop up incentive offered at the end of every call...the prizes are irresistible! :) An email reminder will be sent out and posted to our team FB page. This call is geared toward all the basics of this business that New Stylists and seasoned stylists alike need to improve: booking, selling and sponsoring! There will be other fun pop up topics along the way...such as time management, promoting, displays, etc.

All Things Booking: With our best selling season in full swing, now is the time to book! Not only will this fill up your calendar going into the holiday season, but you will earn those Rock The Summer Challenges! Booking TS is the heart of this business. When you need more sells, want to sponsor or grow your business, it will happen there! Send a warm up email or look book in the mail. Then follow up with a phone call!

All Things Sponsoring: Let's continue our sponsoring trend! Make a big list of 10-20 ladies who are dream stylists for your team. Think outside the box. Then reach out and offer them an opportunity to do what we do! Aren't you glad someone talked to you about Stella & Dot? :) Share this video with them:


Are you all loving Dottie your new Assistant? My first trunk show using our new check out helper is this weekend and I can't wait to see how it goes. Jessica shared on our leader call that the average TS order has increased by almost $30 with the use of Dottie thanks mostly to the TSEO pop up screen. Share your Dottie successes on our team FB page!

New Invitation System!

What about the new and improved invite system? I love being able to plug in my guest email addresses and seeing who has opened them and RSVP'd! What are you loving about the new invites?

Stella & Dot iPads Available!

Missing out on the app fun? Wait no longer! You may now purchase an iPad through S&D with all things you need for your business for a minimal monthly payment! Check out the details in the lounge.

Rock The Summer Challenge!

Book and hold 3-4 trunk shows this month. Sell $4,500 and win that gorgeous Neeya Bracelet and Parisian Market Tote. Promote to STAR and the Pegasus is YOURS!!! Who wants that necklace?

Team Incentive

This month is all about Rock the Summer Challenge and building momentum going into Fall! And the way to win the challenge and build your fall is to book trunk shows, which increases your sales! So to run parallel with the RTSC, everyone on our team who hits $4,500+ sales in August, will win their choice of S&D branded wallet! This will look fabulous in your new Parisian tote! And we all know the way to promote is to sponsor. So for everyone on our team who sponsors 2+ stylists in August, will win their choice of new jewelry ($100 value) from the fall collection. A reminder for the BIG KAHUNA prize... Anyone who promotes to STAR in any given month, wins an iPad Mini from me and a team celebration lunch!! Good luck ladies! xo