Segregation in the Military

Kaitlyn Goffinet

What is the big problem!?

Throughout almost all of WWI, segregation was a major problem when it came to the military! It's weird because even though they were discriminated against, African Americans were extremely eager to join.

Armistice of November 11, 1918

  • 350,000 African Americans joined the military
  • NONE of the African Americans were allowed to fight in wars
  • Officers didn't trust them with guns nor did they want to put in the time to train all of them!!

Hell Fighters from Harlem

  • Branch: National Guard
  • First all African American regiment
  • Helped change peoples opinions about African Americans fighting in future wars
  • French awarded them with the award "Croix de Guerre"
  • Croix de Guerre means Cross of War

371 Infrantry Regiment

  • African American regiment

  • When they arrived to France, it was transforred into a French regiment/command

  • Was under the command of General Mariano Goybet

  • Active regiment from 1913-1945

Freddie Stowers

  • He was the only African American to ever be awarded something like that during WWI

  • The reason he was awarded the special award is because he led an assault through the German trenches and led his men in this specific part of the war even after being wounded twice.

  • Later on the next day, he did pass away from his wounds (two shootings) but his troops continued fighting and eventually, they won!!

  • Shortly after his death he was recognized for this award but it was somehow misplaced.

  • George W. Bush had somehow brought two of his still living sisters to the White House and had given them a duplicate of the award their brother was supposed to be given.