Sodium Hydroxide

Common name ~ Lye

More about Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH

Sodium hydroxide is used for many things such as cooking; Olives are dipped in sodium hydroxide to make the olives black, It is also used to coat pretzels to make them chewy. while it is also used for other things like unclogging drains, in common brands like Draino. Some times it can even be used for Dehorning cattle, making paper, and paint removal. These are just a few things that Sodium hydroxide is used for, some of these things in our everyday life's, and some not so much.

Some physical or chemical properties of Sodium Hydroxide

-Melts at 604.4* C

-It readily dissolves In water.

-Sodium Hydroxide Is a crystalline solid.

Other facts about Sodium Hydroxide:

- Boiling point- 2,530°F (1,388°C)

-Sodium hydroxide is very corrosive, It can cause severe burns and even more sever damage.

-Density 2.13 g/cm³

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