the contry with paris by. christian


Paris the capital of France also it is called the city of love. and is home to the Eiffel tower
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the flag is the flag to represent France. the design and color are similar to a number to other flags.
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the geography of this country is that it has the largest western European nation


this country has a republic government


this country's GDP is 2.591 trillion and GDP per capita is 40,500 $ and the life expectancy for France is 81.75 years


the French wear dresses and long sleeve shirts and the langue they speak French and there major holidays are New years good Friday Easter Monday labor day and there religion is roman catholic and the food they eat is Roquefort cheese


the general weather conditions are mild and the average rainfall is 867% average yearly temp. is 50 to 60 degrease


France did the first written records of France in the iron age. what is now France made up the bulk of the region known to the Romans as Gaul.

compare and contrast

in France and us were a indented country. have a monument to represent them self's. and they are important nations. now for the diffs in the us they have immigrants and is a free nation. and has a market economy. and France is not a free country. and has a diff. goverment