Juliet (character connections)

by breanna helm

Summary of Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet meet at a ball and they fall in love instantly when their eyes first meet. After meeting Romeo for the first time, Juliet finds out that their families are rivals. Devastated, Juliet does not know how to react. After the ball, Romeo finds Juliet and they speak to each other. Knowing that Romeo had to leave at some point, Juliet is filled with great sorrow. A few days after that, Romeo and Juliet decide to get married secretly so that their families would not find out about it. Later on, Romeo gets in a fight with Juliets cousin and kills him. Once the families found out of this, They instantly banish Romeo from ever being there again. Juliet finds out that Romeo killed her cousin and is horrified, not knowing who to stay with, her husband or family. A day later Juliets parents tell her that she must marry a man named Paris. To get out of this horrible plan, Juliet decides to places herself into a 42 hour comma to display that she is dead. Romeo had come back from still being banished and sees that his true love is dead; being filled with such sadness, he kills himself a few hours before Juliet awakens. Juliet is woken by the sight of her dead husband and states that there is no life without Romeo and stabs herself and dies.

And from all of this, the theme is that people should not make rash decisions.

Act 1 Scene 5

Some evidence that portrays the theme is,

"Then have my lips the sin that they have took"

"Sin from my lips? O trespass sweetly urged! give me my sin again. [kisses her]"

"You kiss by the book."

( 1016, 120-123)

Romeo is speaking to Juliet of a kiss that Romeo gives to Juliet.

When Juliet first meets Romeo, a complete stranger, she instantly falls in love with him and it is all started and sealed with a kiss.