Become President

Of the United States of America


- 35 years old

- resident in US for 14 years

- Natural Born Citizen


- $400,000 Salary

- $50,000 non-taxable expense account

- $100,000 personal food, travel, entertainment account

- the White House

- White House staff

Powers Given

- Commander in Chief

- Commission US military officers

- Make treaties with help from Senate

- appoint ambassadors, judges, supreme court justices

- grant pardons

- Deliver the state of the union address

- call the house and/or senate into special session

- ensure all laws are carried out

- Appoint head of executive department

- Appoint cabinet

The most important power given to the President would be the power to call the house and / or the senate into special sessions. This gives the president power to bring them all together and try to reason with them and help pass a certain law or bill, giving him more influence on how the country runs.

Useful Traits

To be president, you need to be diplomatic. Whether that's in public or in foreign countries, a president needs to be able to say what he needs to say while offending the least amount of people.

You also need to be a smart man. You can't run one of the most powerful countries in the world without knowing some stuff. If you go around making bad decisions, the country will collapse.

Being patriotic might help aswell. If a president isn't passionate for what he does, why would his citizens want to better the country or defend it.

Charismatic presidents have usually found success. Nobody will vote for you if you don't win them over while running for president.

Being a perseverant person would definitely come in handy. There will be problems that you cant fix on the first try, but you will need to continue to address them.

Roles of the president

1. Chief of state: the president to be a leader and inspire the citizens in times of need and to keep a general sense of happiness about everything.

2. Chief Executive: The president is the boss. Bottom line is he is the leader and people need to listen to what he has to say.

3. Chief Diplomat: He helps ambassadors choose what to say to foreign countries and he knows how to deal with conflicts in foreign lands.

4. Commander in Chief: He is the top dog when it comes to the US army, Air force, Navy, and Marines. He has final say for every major project within them.

5. Chief Legislator: The president has the power to veto laws that he finds unjust. He may also urge congress to pass certain laws.

6. Chief of Party: Helping the other members of his political party get government jobs and important roles.

If I were President of the United States,

the first issue I would focus on would be affordable health care. The fact that people will do "home surgeries" and avoid going to doctors just because they don't want to pay an expensive bill is absurd.

I would propose bill after bill trying to get a better health care system implemented in the United States. Hopefully, congress would see it my way and agree that people shouldn't be scared of the large bills that come with going to the doctor, and instead take precautionary visits to avoid life threatening things in the future.

By Danny Jury and Cole Siegel