Ty Kirk


Where They Live

The Aztecs lived in Mesoamerica. Their capital city is located in a place called Tenochtitlan. Tenochtitlan is on a lake called Lake Texcoco. The island they live on has three causeways (raised road to avoid wet ground).

Aztec Religion/warfare

The Aztecs are very superstitious when it comes to gods. They believe that if they don't make sacrifices they will harm them. In fact, they make human sacrifices meaning, they rip out people's hearts and throw them down the-the stairs of their temple. The Aztecs don't believe in just 1 god, they believe in more than 1 and this means that they are polytheistic. They sacrifice at least 10,000 people per year.

Cultural Acheivements

A lot of achievements in history came from the Aztec civilization. The Aztecs made pyramids for their kings to live and to have religious ceremonies. They also made masks with jewelry, gems, gold, and bright feathers. Since they had so much leisure time from their good farmer and other workers they embroidered cloth. The other achievements they had included riddles and speeches and astronomy.

End of the Aztecs

The Aztec empire had fallen by 1521. Moctezuma 2 though that Hernan Cortes was a god and let him in and trusted him. But that was a mistake, Hernan Cortez was the leader of the Spanish conquistadors that took down the Aztec with their Advanced weapons. This was the end of the Aztecs.